For long time we fly the Extra 3D of 3DBatix, one great 3D plane for outdoor fly and low cost. It is easy fly, where can learning to fly, but the. “Extra 3D – 3DBatix – Modificado” by ACA3D was liked by 0 people. We know this might sound crazy, but if you like this video too, maybe you and them. Browse Credits. Extra 3D – 3DBatix – Modificado. “Extra 3D – 3DBatix – Modificado” by ACA3D has 1 person who starred in or helped make this video.

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I like the paintjob, it looks good. Find More Posts by flight Getting the wing load down will allow for a lighter motor, and will have a positive affect on slow flight properties. OK here we go again. It’ll knife edge without rudder assistance I mean: The bigger difference this new project was the increase control surface, with that we exhra in maneuvers in the small air space. I am building a3d batix foame. Oct 19, I hope you can see the lines on this overcompressed.

Nice plane dude, but can i ask, Where do you get your Depron?

The axi lets the planes hover at half throttle, this means the planes are really overpowered. Then studying a little and crash the head and planes and arrived one new project over the same.


Hey mountaindr3wz Yeah thats me, i’m 14 [X ] and i’ve been flying for 4 years. Last edited by naldin; at Hey Bass, how thick are the EPP wings? I’ll have a little surprise in about two or three days. Well at least the 3dbatis has some yellow on it. Lanier Extra and G Send a private message to bdavison.

In the link we apply the pull-pull system in the rudder and elevator, but the best difference was in the rudder, the elevator had the little difference. In general, the Batixplanes are a tad heavy, 6mm foam and the big axi make quite a load at the end.

3Dbatix Extra 330

So who else has had experiences with this foamy????? It is easy fly, where can learning to fly, but the best way is the 3D fly and training 3D maneuvers. Jan 18, I just finished putting one together for when my 3dbatix Diablo dies.

We need to give a Foamie of the Year Award to whoever it was that made this 3datix possible. Yes they fly great. All the blue will be yellow tonight. Images View all Images in thread Views: Images View all Images in thread.

It’s a littlebit lighter, and has more than enough power. Perfectly designed plane that has absolutely no bad characteristics. You cant beat epp for fuselages though.


3DBatix Extra – RC Groups

Find More Posts by SuperLou. Send a private message to mountaindr3wz. Remember Me Forgot Password? Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Find More Posts by wvl. They are very fun to fly. Sign up now to remove ads between posts.

Haven’t been able to fly it much because the weather’s been so windy. Send a private message 3dbayix wings I love my 3Dbatix planes!

Something I exta to say though: I searched the forum but couldn’t find anything. The Diablo is an awesome foamy and the Extra is supposed to be even better.

There is extea better 3D foamie than the Extra from 3Dbatix. Jan 17, The latest Here are a couple of pics of my latest Extra Send a private message to wvl. But for now I just may start another 39″ version just in case I dumb thumb one in!


Send a private message to Chris-B-chips. So far I have built 3 all out of 6mm Depron. Yeah, that’s a cool plane. One with a 32 inch wing span, and another with a 28 inch span.