Billable Accounts. Select Customer from the Left Navigation and Add a New Customer. This is your billing entity. You can configure the account as pre-‐paid or. The Asterisk A2Billing Calling-Card-Platform A guide to the basics of using A2Billing the asterisk Handbook (). Maual. Contribute to eluizbr/Manual development by creating an account on GitHub.

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This may be for the purposes of providing a refund to someone. If the call times out or fails in some way, a second destination can be added with a different destination, and the the priority sets the order in which the calls are made.

Clearly the Dial Prefix, Destination and retail rate are mandatory fields.

Calls can be filtered by using the analysis tools at the top of the page. Browse Prefix A list of all the country dialling codes.

CDR Report This report will list all calls inbound and outbound on a call by call basis. Details Package Shows the number of calls and the cost of those calls which have manjal made under each package.

Digium makes most a2bllling its money by selling Asterisk associated hardware, and given that Asterisk is open source, it is in all our interests that the company continues to be supported financially to improve and bring more features to Asterisk.

These can be filtered to show one of Four levels: It is imperative that an accurate set of dialling codes is obtained, so that calls can be rated correctly. This provides a pie chart showing traffic month on month. Examples of where this may be appropriate is with say a2billkng based callback, where the number to call is texted to the a text service provider, and they convert that into a URL and send it to the A2Billing Platform. There is an option to remove the international dialling prefix as some VoIP carriers do not require the leading 00 in the USA.

No new calls can be accepted while this is taking place.

user manual | A2Billing

Additionally, there is an area to add the name and address of the administrator. A group can contain many rate-cards. Add Destination New Destinations are added here on behalf of the customer. Additionally, access can be granted to predefined areas of the system. Clicking Edit will give access to the individual properties of the customer.


To install A2Billing, refer to the wiki at Installation but in brief you will need to do the following: The system allows a prefix to be added or removed from every call using this trunk, and a failover trunk can defined, so that should a trunk fail, it will move on to the next working trunk available.

Simultaneous and individual access can be set here.

The amount of broadband will dictate how many concurrent calls you can make. This action does not drop any calls already in progress. Add ACL Admin Add a new user name and password for restricted access and select the areas that the sub admin is allowed to access.

Show Servers A2bililng the callback servers that have been added to the system for making calls. This report gives a list of automatic refills. Maual payments must be entered in the chosen base currency.

Mnual Server Adds a new server to the system that will be used for delivering callbacks. Auto refill is enabled against the customer, and when the customer reaches minimum balance, the card a2iblling be topped up to the value of the initial balance. It is from this interface that cards are topped up manually via the refill button.

Cards can be topped up via the customer web interface by pre-defined amounts, in virtually any currency In order to use PayPal, a business account has to be created in PayPal, who will then give you the appropriate settings to put into the system.

Documentation (Admin) | A2Billing

This list the usernames and passwords of sub administrators who have been added to the system, with restricted access. The remaining fields can be imported via the interface, simply select the fields that you require. A2Billing can be integrated with an existing E-Commerce product, so that customers can be created through that interface rather than through A2Billing.

Rates can be imported in bulk, having been previously prepared in an appropriate format in Excel or Access. This will apply credit to a card; however, a payment is expected to balance off the refill. Cards can be refilled from the refill icon at the top of the page in List Customers. View Payment Viewing payments give a list of all payments received, and which card the payments were set against. Import Rate-Card Rates can be imported in bulk, having been previously prepared in an appropriate format in Excel or Access.


Manually adding customer payment in A2Billing

Asterisk, Mankal Future of Telephony A recommended read for anyone new to Asterisk, and will help you to get an idea on how to configure Asterisk. It is from this list that the Country is taken. Create a provider under Trunk — Create Provider Configure the trunk in A2Billing Create a ratecard, there need not be any rates in the rate-card for the present time. Packages allow the operator to offer free calls either on the basis of so many minutes per month, or free calls to a certain destination.

Define Rate Card Having created the rate card, msnual put some rates against it, the rates are then listed in this screen. DID Callback – Each customer is given their own personal trigger number.

The call reports screen shows the call data records laid out in different formats, with graphs and filtering criteria to analyse traffic on the platform, and to analyse the usage on individual calling cards. The Package to be applied is selected within the Call Plan. The purpose of this screen is to create email templates to send to customers when they either sign up or when their credit balance runs low. Customers can be created by: Having installed the programs above, you should now have a basis of a working system; however there are one or two changes to be made.