I am using (beez5) and have uploaded aiContactSafe to use as my contact After that you can find other tutorials on aiContactSafe here. By default, emails sent from aiContactSafe forms will be delivered to the From In this aiContactSafe tutorial, we will show you how to change the recipient. This link will direct users to a form already setup within aiContactSafe. In this tutorial we’ll show you how to create this Contact Us link in your.

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Meta description Place a meta description tag on the contact form. How easy was it to find the guide you were looking for? The plugin is no longer available for separate download.

Use the to right toolbar to delete a file. The default form in aiContactSafe contains the following fields:. Do not deactivate the authentication plugin or you will not be able to login into the administrator page.

By default a reference to the subject of the message to which the reply is made is added here. Here all the messages are exported in a CSV format using this columns:.

How to add a new field to aiContactSafe forms

You aicontactsage a menu link for each language and select the appropriate article. Please report any bugs or suggestions to our forum.

Back to first comment top. If the problem persists you have one or more problems qicontactsafe the non-native modules or plugins active on the page, so you need to continue investigating.

To have the form in a module you install aiContactSafeModule also from the control panel of aiContactSafe and publish the module in the template position you want same as for any other module. Export Export messages to CSV. This is where you can see all the files attached or about to be attached to the messages sent from the contact form generated by aiContactSafe.


Lemon Web Hosting: Create a Contact Us page in Joomla using aiContactSafe

To have the form in an article you also need to follow the usual Joomla steps, with one difference, instead of having to install the plugin aiContactSafeform like any other plugin you install it from the control panel of aiContactsafe which I think is even faster since you only click one button and this is explained in the article about aiContactSafeForm http: Make sure you clear the cache both in Joomla and in your browser before each check.

Click the top checkbox to select all the records on this page. Contact information width Set the width of the contact information.

Delete Delete the selected messages asking the confirmation for each one of them. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. Align buttons Set the way the Send and Back if displayed buttons are aligned. In HTML format or plain text. After receiving a lot of questions about different features of aiContactsafe not working because tutirial this javascript conflicts I’ve decided to write some steps that can be taken to identify what is causing them and will also try to suggest a few solutions.

If the problem appears again you need to repeat 3, 4 and 5 because you have a second extension that creates a javascript tutoriap. This field is controling the minimum year starting from the current year. Sent to sender If this is checked, a copy of the message was sent to the sender. When the problem dissapeared you identified the extension with the problem and you can look for suggestions below on how to fix it. Mark required fields character The character that will mark the required fields.

Installing and Changing Templates thtorial Joomla 2. Profile The profile used to send the message. You can modify it anyway you see fit. Changing the width of fields in aiContactSafe forms.


aiContactSafe – Algis Info Grup

How to use it In order to place the link to the form in an article you need to add the following text into ajcontactsafe article in the position you want the link. Installation It’s working in Joomla! Message Enter the message of the reply. This is also explained in the tutorials: Subject Subject of the message with the text added in front in order to easily identify the email.

Tutorials – Algis Info Grup

Number of years to go back When you use a custom field of type date, the years are presented aicoontactsafe a list. If you use aiContactSafeplease post a rating and a review at the Joomla! If you have set this to plain text, you need to deactivate the mail template. Email mode Select the way the message is sent. You create a menu link for each language and select the appropriate profile to use with it.

If you leave it empty no CSS code will be used. Edit email Edit the email template of the selected profile. Edit contact Edit the contact information for the selected profile. Reply The quick reply sent from the administrator page.

Submit a Support Ticket. Other parameters that can be used in the plugin code are the field names of aiContactSafe. Click “Cancel” to cancel the deletion of the messages. You have the following options: Delete Delete the selected files asking the confirmation for this action.

You can use HTML tags with this. Your name and comment will be displayed, but we will not show your email address.