You can even schedule a one-on-one appointment at a Sprint Store near you. Visit for the complete User Guide. There are also community. Technical and Troubleshooting. Guide. AIRAVE The AIRAVE connects to Sprint’s network through your broadband Internet connection. Outgoing calls go. You’ll need to connect your AIRAVE to a router or a broadband (cable or DSL) modem. Have a router? Please use the setup instructions on this page. Just have .

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So every calling capability available is supported. Request one for free. TwitterYouTubeReddit Sprint: Our original conversation wasn’t about the Airave, I just mentioned it and the response below was what he said. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. They will be removed. It acts like WiFi router if you need it. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically.

My guess is that it will.

I got the new Airave 3 LTE! Here are some pictures. : Sprint

Also do you have a business account? I’ve heard that you can start a call on the Airave and leave it will continue the call to the network compared to WiFi calling where I believe it will drop. Do not post personal information!


They have a separate moderation team than we do. I’m not totally sure what it’s for but I did find that you can use it like a WiFi router if you have it plugged in via Ethernet. TwitterYouTubeReddit. Depends how close you are to your neighbors.

I just got the same thing. Actually had to call Sprint’s Customer Care at and the lady mentioned the. If I were to give you Ariave email which is not public he would probably know that I shared his email. Your submission has been automatically removed because it included profanity or violated the personal attack rules. I’m really disappointed in this.

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Submit a new link. We encourage any verified employee to message the mods there to request access. It’s not coming out till mid June.

Try pressing the CDMA side reset pin hole. Don’t be a dick. Twitter Jan Geldmacher President, Business: It’s supposed to come out mid next month the Airave 3 LTE.

I ended up turning it off as I didn’t want it interfering with mannual current router. Sprint tech support informed me this afternoon that the Airave 3 was available exclusively available for business accounts.

I’d say low chance unless your neighbors are very close. I don’t even see it on my network, IP address wise. Just got one of these today, and can’t tell how to configure it to turn off WiFi like you did and I can’t find the actual user’s manual. I might have to factory reset to get the menu to show up. Like I said, it’s like your very own cell tower.


Anyone know the reach of it? Another example is janual you have guests over that aren’t very tech savvy or won’t turn on WiFi calling every WiFi network they connect to, it helps. Do not post Referral requests here.

Anything worth messing with in the configuration? So let me get this straight I’m heading to Alaska for six months, would sprint provide me with one of these for my office up there? This is not a rant or troll space. Site Requirements and Airage Form. Follow Reddiquette when posting. Initial batch comes out around July.

Would you be able to share the steps that you took to get an Airave 3? This device is really cool.