Book Review — Convicted (Consequences #3) by Aleatha Romig The very first chapter of Convicted will start you on a rollercoaster ride that. There were still lessons to learn and consequences for the truth! When Claire Nichols met Anthony Rawlings, she didn’t know they had a past, or that he had. Read “CONVICTED” by Aleatha Romig with Rakuten Kobo. Book #3 of the bestselling Consequences series: From New York Times and USA Today bestselling.

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Convicted by Aleatha Romig. I thought I was the only one not loving Convicted.

Review: Convicted by Aleatha Romig : Scandalicious

It’s impossible, illusional, psychiatric dement and unhealthy. Without them, I definitely would not have made It sure was some ride Not just by Tony. Or, rather, he should be facing death penalty. Crazy I never have that kind of feeling, unless I really loved the book.

Convicted (Consequences, #3) by Aleatha Romig

Pregnancy storylines can be boring. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference. One, obviously being the fact that Anthony Rawlings has some severe sociopathic and mental disorders, and rightfully deserves to be in prison for the rest of his life.

I had high expectations for this book. Ok, I’m off my soapbox, but I had to let you know how much I agree with you, and how nice it was to see there’s still people just as immersed in the world of fiction as me that see it too!


Nov 17, From a secret one to another one! I also had trouble with a lot of the new introduction of some character development. She is certainly changed in this book, almost unrecognizable for much of this book.

For general comments on Goodreads and for requests for changes to site functionality, try the Feedback group or use the Contact Us link instead. View all 56 comments. His humanity really shone through. Will his devotion in keeping Claire and her child safe be rewarded?

For more reviews, visit Jacqueline’s Reads The growth that Tony and Claire go through is quite remarkable and truly magnificent, emotional and One in a Million.

As much as I liked the first book and Fomig loved the second To ask Aleatha Romig questions, please sign up. Not all characters were like that though. I seriously didn’t see that happening from the previous book.

October 8, ISBN: Secrets and deception As the pieces of their puzzle come together, Anthony and Claire Rawlings continue to defy the odds. I loved how most loose ends were addressed but I still wonder about Harry. Would you like us to take another look at this review? Also there should be limits to the of exclamation points an author can use. Have you ever loved? We get a lot of answers — in fact, we get all the answers and I really have to give the author major props for genuinely tying up all the lose ends.

Will he utilize previously unknown connections to save the woman who infiltrates his thoughts?

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Nonetheless, I continued the story and soon I no longer wanted to know what happened. View all 30 comments. It was like — I could deal with aeatha in present day because I saw the man he now was but just every once in a while, his past action would just really hit romih and stop my warm, fuzzy feelings cold in their tracks. Going to prison should be the very least of what happens to him. I stated each and every point of why Romjg didn’t like the book.


Betrayal Infidelity, 1 4. Apart they endured unimaginable heartache. Fourthly, I read all the books of this series! I made this decision based on the best interest of my series in the long haul.

Review: Convicted by Aleatha Romig

Infidelity 5 books by Aleatha Romig Goodreads Author. What would happen to the characters that I had grown to care about immeasurably??? Yes, Claire liked weeds.

Lost in a constant nightmare, who will save Claire conicted her past? Congratulations to author Aleatha Romig for a fantastic series! Buddy reading with Pirzzzzz a. But his actions were his absolution.

Refresh and try again. This series legitimately disturbed me, for multiple reasons. So how, then, can you fairly review any book in a genre that you gomig not approve of?