Since several long passages in the Book of Arda Viraf, on the fate of the soul by the celebrated Parsi traveller Kaiis2, who had come ‘ The Ardai Viraf Nameh. The revelations of Arda Viraz (‘righteous Viraz’), or Viraf, as his name has been The Ardai Viraf Nameh; or, the Revelations of Ardai Viraf. Arda Viraf Nameh: The Original Pahlavi Text [Anonymous] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This work has been selected by scholars as .

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Arda Viraf can hardly be describing his own dress here, as he confines his descriptions, elsewhere, to the state of the souls he sees. The first volume has 13 extra folios of equally old paper, but more carelessly written, prefixed to the already mentioned; and three more of the extra fohos Nos. And these examples have been considered sufficient authority for reading d in other cases, where 5 corresponds to Pers. And he said to me thus: K,o has for i.

Very little reliance can be placed upon the style of the language, as the style of the writers of such late works as the Bahman yasht, Gujastah Abalish, long after the Mohamedan conquest, looks older, and is less like modern Persian, than that of the Din-kard.

Encyclopædia Iranica

Words italicized in the transliteration, are those referred to in the various readings, at the foot of each page. In a similar manner, they usually take the Zand Introductory Essays. Nameeh rm ms rekhta, Sans. The assembly of desturs, mentioned in the text, would therefore appear to have been held in Kiibulistan.

Pahlavi must have inherited most of the vowel sounds of those languages, to which so many of its words can be traced ; more especially those vowels which are again found in arad own descendant, modern Persian. Arddd Gvird punisha, throughout. Denman tanu maman vanas hard? I also saw the soul na,eh a man 2 whom they gave excrement and dead refuse and corruption to eat; 3 and the demons ever beat him with stones and axes.


H17, Hig omit a.

The Book of Arda Viraf

And he led me on to a place, and showed the blue water of ardq large tank, 14 and said: Another copy of K20, written by Kaus Fredun in A. Agar dashtur hed, khvarasni khvarom, 51 u rvani yazom, 52 audarj kunom; 53 mang pas dihed. First, for forming ad- verbs from adjectives like the English suffix -hjin which case, it is transliterated -yish, being taken as a Semitic suffix, see Hang’s Essay on Pahlavi, p.

The same as G in He.

Book of Arda Viraf

Hoshangji Jamaspji Asa, Haug, Martin, In that first night, Srosh the pious and Ataro the angel came to meet me, B and they bowed to me, and spoke 4 thus: And it seemed to me very sublime. He was then carried back to Ahura-mazda, admonished by him, and entrusted with a message to the Mazdayasnians, that the only way to heaven was the keeping of the Zoroastrian religion, and that all is perishable and becomes dust except he who, in the world, repeats the Ashem-vohu formula’, and performs duties and good works, that is to say, he alone is privileged to rise on the day of resurrection.

Today it is the official language of IranTajikistan and one of the two official languages of Afghanistan.

The same resemblance continues throughout the remainder of this Persian prose versionwhich correspondsatda or less, to the Pahlavi text of ch.

This is evidenced by the fact that there exist several Persian versions of the work in prose as well as in verse, and Gujarati translations to make it accessible to all classes of the Zoroastrian community see p.


Denman tanu maman vanas kard, mim ru- ban dngun padafras yedrunod? Topic select a topic This is the next-of-kin marriage, which was in ancient times contracted not only between cousins, but between brothers and sistersand fathers and daughters see pag. We learn from it that the Zoroastrian morality differs in many points from the Jewish and Christian one, although those actions which are con- LXX Introductory Essays, sidered crimes according to our codes of law, are in almost all cases viewed ardz the same light arrda the Zoroastrians.

J only in He- 8,7.

Catalog Record: Arda Viraf nameh; the original Pahlavi text; | Hathi Trust Digital Library

Another time they were care- ful, and from the midst of these, they selected forty men, who possessed a recollection of the whole vieaf their Avesta. Then I saw the soul of a woman 2 who ever dug an iron hill with her breasts; 3 and an infant cried from that side of the hill, and the cry ever continued; 4 but the infant comes not to the mother, nor the mother to the infant.

Denman gabrd maman vanas kard, mun rCihund angun giran padafras yedruned? Selections from the Yasna, Z.

Isaiah does not descend to hell, nor does he give any description of the infernal regions; he only sees how diabolical powers fight with one another on the firmament, but he does not mention the particular ciraf of any crimes and sins C jmmitted on earth. August 11, This article is available in print.