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AS/NZS Amendment. Amendment 1 – incorporated. Published 18/ 08/ Valid from. 04/03/ Information provider. Standards New Zealand. AS/NZS Parking facilities – Off-street car parking. Type: Document; Date: ; Web address: to in Australian Standard AS/NZS Parking Facilities – Part 6: . ( Source: Figure Angle parking module layouts – AS/NZS ).

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AS/NZS 2890.1:2004

Columns should not be located at the edge of a parking aisle. Protective devices shall be clearly visible to drivers when in their normal driving position. The light commercial vehicle category was included because it contained a significant nzx of four wheel drive 28901 that are used primarily as passenger vehicles.

G white on blue Aust. Appropriately located bollards are suitable for these purposes. Guidance on capacity provision at entry and exits at large car parks is given at Appendix D.

As NZS Parking Facilities – Off-street Car Parking – Free Download PDF

Local area traffic management Forms of letters and numerals for road signs They shall be used in accordance with the relevant requirements of AS The separate purposes may need to be clearly signposted. Local area traffic management AS C2—where parking is to a low kerb which allows mm overhang in accordance with Clause 2.

Appropriate warning devices such as flexible striker bars shall be provided in conjunction with the signs wherever the clearance shown on the signs is less than 2. Where parallel parking is nnzs on both sides of a two-way aisle, the aisle widths shown in Figure 2.

The modelling of vehicle manoeuvring into Class 1A spaces shows however, that many drivers may have difficulty driving into and out of such spaces, especially those with vehicles larger than the B85 vehicle.

Australian Standard | Zav Traffic

2809.1 Parking aisles should not be used to provide access to other parking aisles where the restrictions recommended in the Note to Clause 2.

Any one parking module in other than a private car park shall comprise spaces for one user class only, with the exception that spaces for people with disabilities and spaces for small cars, see Clause 2.

The combination of parking space width and aisle widths required for the parking manoeuvres is shown in Table Nxs. This Appendix is based on a study of the Australian motor vehicle fleet.


A mm manoeuvring clearance shall be added to both sides of each swept path. An excessive number of signs can be an unnecessary distraction, and may lead to confusion.

As NZS 2890.1-2004 Parking Facilities – Off-street Car Parking

This calculation applies to letters which are no narrower than Series D capital letters as specified in AS and for signs having no more than four message elements, either words, symbols or a combination. If intended as an intersection, the entry and exit shall be designed as if for a public roadway, with all necessary traffic control devices and intersection geometric design requirements. Please copy and paste this embed script to where you want to embed Embed Script.

This type of facility is required when demand for parking far outweighs the supply of on-road facilities and alternative parking areas are required. One-way roadway— mm Two-way roadway— mm On curve—see Table 2. Use of each template is described on each Figure. This is considered to warrant specifying 2980.1 small car space of 2. The legend is varied to suit.

They are required wherever the drop from the edge of the deck to a lower level exceeds mm. At signalized intersections, the minimum distance from the intersection, measured from the property boundary along both legs, shall be increased as necessary to locate access driveways beyond the influence of normal queue lengths at the intersections.

The widths given in Table B4 are therefore appropriate in this case also. Low clearance signs are specified in Clause 4. The design envelope around a parked vehicle which is to be kept clear of columns, walls or other obstructions, is shown in Figure 5. All referenced documents ss displayed below. The grade of the first 6 m into the car park 2809.1 be increased to 1 in 8 Speed limit signs will not generally be effective in controlling excessive speeds.

The added width may be shared with a footway, parking aisle or other adjacent unobstructed space. For right angle access to a garage, the required width of apron for manoeuvring purposes is shown in Figure 5. Circulation spaces and other general areas A longitudinal line as in b shall be used where edge delineation for nnzs traffic is required. Even though it was recognized that the year data would best reflect the short to medium term future vehicle population similar to what was done in the original study for the edition of this Standardvehicle registration data for the to period was analysed to see if different vehicle sizes would then apply to the 85th percentile and Or ae us a message through zs contact form.


These dimensions have been rounded slightly in order to avoid any undue attribution of precision to the actual Ford Falcon dimensions. Grades in the 280.1 of 1 in 6 There has also been a slight 10 mm increase in width. Subject to the requirements of Clause 4. Humps should be located clear of intersections and curved roadways. Sets out minimum requirements for the design and layout of off-street parking facilities, including multi-storey car parks for motor cars, light vans and motorcycles.

Stop or give-way lines alone may be adequate in many cases. The layout and geometric characteristics of parking facilities are important factors for both usability and safety of the facility.

Such locations shall include all access driveways, ramps and circulation roadways, unless there are special circumstances of severe space limitation coupled with relatively low traffic volumes in which case the B85 vehicle ns may be used.

The provision of a higher class module for a relatively small number of users in that class can be avoided by creating a separate module for that class e. Table B1 sets out the overall space width requirements for various door openings.

For user classes other than Class 1A, it is recommended that the apron widths shown in Figure 5. Where pedestrians must cross busy circulation roadways, they shall be guided to a safe crossing point which shall have adequate sight distance and shall be provided with appropriate signs and pavement markings see AS If this is not practicable, it may be necessary to provide— i an arrangement which confines traffic to turning left when either entering or leaving the car park; ii a signalized driveway with signals coordinated with the intersection signals; or iii other traffic management means of providing for safe and efficient operation of the driveway.