ICL Innovation, a technology incubator for the ICL group, seeks novel asphaltene inhibitors and asphaltene dispersants for the oil industry. As the efficiency of dispersants with different origins is questionable for each typical oil sample, the present study provides a reproducible and. Dodecyl resorcinol has the best performance at concentration of 50 ppm as an asphaltene dispersant and causes required n-heptane volume increment of 2%.

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AI additives prevent the aggregation of asphaltene molecules, whereas AD additives are usually non-polymeric surfactants. The technique monitors asphaltene agglomeration while undergoing titration disperwant an incompatible solvent precipitant. One major problem is their agglomeration at the water-oil interface of crude oil emulsions.

Marques, Gaspar Gonzalez, Jair B. There are two types classes of additives used to tackle the asphaltene problem at the production sites.

Asphaltene Dispersants for Oil Industry

Like asphaltene inhibitors, the performance of asphaltene dispersants is also specific to the types of oils. Asphaltene squeeze into the formation has been proposed, but has not been proven effective most due to short squeeze life [ 5 ]. They have been successfully applied for inhibition and removal of asphaltene deposits in production equipment. During transport in pipes, following oil processing, asphaltene builds up on pipes and other equipment.

Asphaltene Dispersants – Croda Oil & Gas

Therefore, some asphaltene inhibitors can function as asphaltene dispersants. Certain polymeric dispersants increase asphaltene solubilization in hydrocarbon media, and asphaktene used in conjunction with emulsion breakers, facilitate the demulsification process. Two case studies are presented that demonstrate how asphaltene dispersants can efficiently inhibit pad formation and help reduce demulsifier dosage.


Proceedings of an international conference Diverless and Deepwater Techology: Therefore, it is very important to conduct inhibitor screening on the actual crude sample.

Proceedings of an international conference Subsea Controls dispersnt Data Acquisition ‘ Asphaltene can precipitate deep inside the reservoir, in pipelines or onto safety equipment and cause blockages and severe emulsion formation resulting in reservoir damage, loss of crude oil recovery and escalating costs.

Destabilization of petroleum asphaltenes may cause a multitude of problems in crude oil recovery and production. However, some asphaltene inhibitors do now show a critical concentration, but instead show an accumulative effect in reducing the amount of asphaltene precipitation.

These are asphaltene dispersants AD and asphaltene inhibitors AI. Therefore, it is very important to use the actual oil during production selection.

The dispersants have also been applied for cleanout of water injection wells resulting in decreased injection pressure and increased oil production. Proceedings of an international conference Oceanology: Publishers Content Coverage Privacy.

These naturally occurring dispersions can be easily disturbed by a disperaant of mechanical and physicochemical conditions involved in oil field recovery and production, Changes in temperature and pressure, commingling of crude and condensate streams, and especially the use of enhanced recovery techniques can asphaltrne in asphaltene destabilization, precipitation, and eventual deposition.


The absorption interaction between an asphaltene and an amphiphile molecule natural resin or synthetic additive is considered the most important parameter for the stabilization of asphaltene micelles in crude oil. Gonzalez, “Stabilization of asphaltenes by phenolic compounds extracted from cashew-nut shell liquid,” Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 73 1 Rock Mechanics Symposium and 5th U.

For example, continuous or batch downhole treatments prevented deposition in the flowlines axphaltene tubing providing increased production rates and decreased downtime for many producers. As mentioned previously, the asphaltene performance is very oil-specific. Some asphaltene inhibitors demonstrate a critical concentration level below which no performance is observed, but once above, it shows a dramatic effect by preventing asphaltene from flocculation.

Asphaltene inhibitor

If an asphaltene inhibitor contains long alkyl long chains, it can help disperse any formed asphaltene aggregates as well. Cleanup of tank bottoms with an asphaltene dispersant has been a popular alternative to opening the tank in order to mechanically remove thick asphaltene solids for disposal.

Petroleum asphaltenes are defined as a solubility class of the heavy components in crude oil which are insoluble in nonpolar solvents. Asphaltene Dispersants as Demulsification Aids. Did you find what you were looking for?