ASRAR E HAQIQI [HAZRAT KHWAJA MOINUDDIN CHISTI] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a very old book written by the great. In this magazine one other magazine Israr-e- Haqiqi by Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti is also added to the reader’s response to reading many secrets of the. This book, in fact, consists of words written to Khalifa e Khaas of Hazrat Moinuddin, Hazrat Bakhtyar Kaaki Rahmatullah Alaeh, as well a renowned Sufi.

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So as they recite this phrase by tongue and accept that but they do not know the real meaning of it. And for him except with the personality of Allah he did not keep hope or fear from anybody. In the book at this place, there is one Persian couplet is available there and its meaning and interpretation are as follows.

Dastoor Tazkiya E Nafs Read more. May Allah grant you health in the gaqiqi worlds. This letter has been sent by Fakir Moinuddin Chisti. Belief haqkqi angels as the instruments of God’s will. If Allah wills then he will get salvation from misdeeds of the Satan.

Umar all people used to keep fasting in which they used to keep aloof of the eating and drinking as well doing intercourse with their spouses and this is not called real fasting but is it is called the worldly fasting.

Makalat e Hikmet Read more. Muhammad Shan marked it as to-read Feb 04, And its meaning and interpretation are as follows. There is wisdom in this that the rich and wealthy person in the pretext of D to help the poor and pauper persons.

That lover or beloved who belongs to such type that some of them used to live together till the time of illness of the death and some of them asrae death and some of them till the grave and after that nobody go with him beyond this limit.

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It is compulsory for the man that he should pay respect to Allah and do not waste his dearly time in the lust and desires of asarr world. If they will live on this step and they did not do endeavours and try to go forward for the other steps and if during this period if their age will be finished then they will not get anything form the world and hereafter and they will die as become as looking as superficial azrar.

Unless there the will be no exalted of meeting of Allah. Asrwr think that there is personality is there and which is only belongs to the personality of Allah. Those who will not destroy their ego whether they will be available in the dress of Sufi persons then they could put their step in the destination of intimate knowledge of God.

The real treasure is actually is the secret of providence and the hearts of Arif hqqiqi are a repository of the secret of real treasure. And he is enduring grief and hardships in this matter then he will able to get something from the rulers of the world.

And such persons who say this phrase are called disbelief persons.

Full text of “Israr e Haqiqi by Moinuddin Chishti”

Due to the shame of the sins he should not raise his head and in every condition he should treat with humility and modesty. Tarbiat E Nafas Read more. Aqeel Akram d it really liked it Jan 01, Amureed is an initiate into the mystic philosophy of Sufism, and all these details of advice by the great Sufi saint Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Sanjari of Ajmare are included in this book.

So what will be the value of their prayer for this reason? So that it may not be spend in the careless in this matter. Arzang e Faqeer Read more.

Israr e Haqiqi

So first it is compulsory that the man should get salvation asraf unconsciousness of the soul so that he will get freedom of the knowledge of Allah and then will get the honour of the wisdom so that he is able to pay the tax of real Zakat.


So in this way, he will get Marafat knowledge of Allah Allah in this matter. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Wsrar. One who will have it then he is king of the world.

Jaqiqi is the belief and this is the Eman faith of every Muslim persons. Mansoor Chaudhry marked it as to-read Aug 01, Umar believes it that unless Salik will hwqiqi remove the existence of the unrelated from the heart and unless he will not able to put one step in the way of Intimate knowledge of God and also he will not become the perfect Arif person for this reason.

So in the grave, they become sympathetic friend and lamp and they will live with me at every destination and should not live me there. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Shadab Anwar marked it as to-read Nov 19, Piya Rang Kala Read more.

But actually they are in demand of wealth and status in the world. Naqoosh e Sidra Jamal Read more. So on him why there will be compulsory the real Zakat.? Guftagu 8 Read more. Qatra Qatra Assrar Read more. So they are not Momin but they are hypocrite people. The meaning of mortality 24 is that they do not get the secrets of Allah.

Due to his asrxr, many thousand infidels and polytheist accepted the religion of Islam in India first time there.

Due to suitable medicines the patient will become healthy.