Self learning procedure for new Cobra remote controls* and/or Driver Cards*. . Panic alarm by Cobra remote control (Cobra remote control optional). View and Download Cobra CAN/PLIP installation manual online. CAN/PLIP Car Alarm pdf manual download. View and Download Cobra fitting instructions online. Nissan Micra. Car Alarm pdf manual download. 7 4 N.B. I dati forniti in questa scheda non .

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Install the jumper wire see the catalogue U. This will delete the stolen remote from the system.


Proudly powered by WordPress. These instructions work with the following Cobra alarm systems which have all been available in NZ:.

Access to the web site www. If your remote transmitter fails to operate, the system can be disarmed using the alarm code on the front of this manual. Wiring Scheme Art. December instrukfja, at Check to see that all vehicle entrances are closed securely. The Status Indicator is a high-intensity red light mounted in a visible location on the vehicle dashboard. Im fobra love this alarm.

The Pin Number is also required to program new remote controls to the alarm which makes all Cobra alarms safe from remote cloning. Atmospheric conditions or interference from other RF-emitting devices can effectively reduce transmitter range.


Page of 16 Go. After 25 seconds, it will blink steadily, once per second. When the battery begins to weaken, you will notice a decrease in range, or the distance from your vehicle that your remote transmitter will operate.

The whole point of a battery back-up siren is for it to sound if the battery is disconnected!

After two 2 seconds, the status indicator will begin flashing for Code Entry. The system will then re-arm, awaiting the next intrusion attempt.

Regarding the siren, kit do contains Wireless back-up battery siren and installer claims that it will sound even if the battery is disconnected. Please feel welcome to comment, however if you have an enquiry then please use the contact form.


When the status indicator begins to flash, re-enter the code from the beginning. Check the system functionality arming the system and triggering the alarm to check the proper sounding of the siren.

The only way to change the PIN number is if you have a the existing PIN number which is so the system can not be cheated. February 8, at 7: Hi Nishant, There is no reset. Why are you not going back to who ever sold you the alarm with these questions? There is no need to change the alarm system. Hi Marko, As an installer part of my job involves explaining to each customer how the alarm system works. When programming Option number 7 or 8 the LED will flash a number of times, indicating the current timed output setting.


But gladly i have a spare keys with the alarm remote. I am not sure of that so that is the reason I asked should I buy another one picture from your link differs from the picture from this site http: Press any button on the remote transmitter to turn off the Panic alarm. The input is 7 s delayed after the system arming. The siren will chirp and the parking lights will flash once, and the doors will unlock if equipped and connected.

If the code is lost, it cannot be recovered. February 8, at 5: Electrical Connections Pay attention when joining two or more wires. The status indicator will turn on. If you enter an incorrect digit turn the vehicle ignition off then on.

Cobra 4600 CAN/PLIP Installation Manual

There is no reset. Follow the Code Entry Procedure.

Hi Pete, There is not much I can do for you without having access to the van. Learn how your comment data is processed. Thank You very much in advance for Your Answer.