Phone manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your phone and more at ManualsOnline. D+, D+. D+,. and LD+ Telephones. User’s Guide. Back Panels: Front Panels: Programming and · Feature Codes · Displays · Your Telephone. View and Download Avaya D+, D+, D+, LD+ user manual online. Avaya IP Office telephone system User Guid D+, D+, D+.

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For Latin American Spanish: Originate Only – Line button can only be used to make not receive calls. General To use with a programmed General Pickup button: Page 24 Exit Menu Exit Menu Use Follow Me to have calls arriving at your extension sent to another extension where you are working.

Mahual use posted messages, you must program a PostedMessage button. The System Directory consists of three-digit System Speed Dial codes for commonly called numbers of outside contacts such as clients and suppliers.

Avaya 4406D+, 4412D+, 4424D+, 4424LD+ Telephone User Manual

F appears on the display. The appears on the display. To cancel a posted message: The factory-set messages are: Busy slow repeating tone The phone you are calling is busy.

Line buttons are labeled differently dependingon how your system is configured. Programming and Feature Codes Call Handling Features Call Waiting When Call Waiting is turned on at an extension and you are already on a call, you hear one tone for inside calls or two tones for outside calls when a second call arrives at that extension.


Avaya 4406D+, 4412D+, 4424D+, 4424LD+ User Manual

To program a Saved Number Dial button: Using Features Use a 4406s To use a feature, do one of the following: There are two types of Pickup: P appears on the display. To program an Inspect button: Enter programming mode by pressing 0 0. To return to the conference: Error alternating high-low tones You dialed or used a feature incorrectly.

Programming and Feature Codes Covering Calls Features continued Direct Voice Direct Voice Mail allows you to place or transfer a call directly to another person s voice mail without ringing that person s Mail telephone. Headsets Headsets for Series telephones allow one-touch operation, hands-free.

Avaya D+, D+, D+, LD+ Telephone User Manual |

Park Park places a call on hold at your extension so that it can be picked up from any extension in the system. Use the Extension Directory to dial inside numbers. Dial one of the following: To select a ring pattern for your telephone: Line buttons are buttons used to make or receive inside oroutside calls.

Camp-On Camp-On allows you to complete a transfer to a busy extension. Check with your System Manager to see if you are allowed to send calls to outside numbers. Press the programmed Feature button.


Coverage VMS Off prevents outside calls from being sent to the voice messaging system. Line Button Lights Steady red The line you are using or will use when you lift the handset or press Spkr. Must be first entry insequence. Enter the time in four digits, for example, Press the programmed Feature button, and press 5 6.

Group Pickup To program onto a button: To program an HFAI button: To mute, press Mute. To dial listing on Home screen: Press the Line button. Program a Feature Button To program a Feature button: To program a Privacy button: To cancel Follow Me or Forward calls from one extension: Use Individual Pickup to pick up a call for one specific extension.

Busy slow repeating tone The phone you are calling is busy. Place your telephone at least one foot from any wall. You can connect to the next party by: Ring Buttons – Calls you make arrive as ringing calls.

To use with the feature code: Use Individual Pickup to pick up a call for one specific extension. To put the conference on hold: