However, I may have missed some BattleLore adventures that may be out there. .. Three scenarios have been released in Game Trade Magazine over the past . Your BattleLore scenarios are about to become more exciting than ever before! With the BattleLore Scenario Builder, a free online tool, you can make your. BattleLore is a strategy board wargame for two players, created by Richard Borg and initially The Battlelore website offers an online scenario builder that helps fans create their own adventures. In September Fantasy Flight Games and .

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By FlamespeakAugust 24, in BattleLore. For example, there are different conditions to earning VP based on the scenarios being played. Do both players get to utilize those ways to earn victory points or does that only apply to the person who played the scenario card. Say the Uthark has the scenario that allows you to gain an additional VP for killing an opposing unit while they are in a forest. Do the Daquan units also get that same VP condition? I don’t have the rules in front of me, but I always play that the special victory-point conditions only apply to the player that chose the scenario card not both players.

The thing is, I can’t find anything in the rules stating one way or the other.


There are some cards where it is really obvious, like when a specific unit type called out by name like a rune golem being on a hill at the end of your turn nets you a VP, but the scenadios can be seen scenarrios applying to both sides on any dcenarios round. I can’t find anything in the rules either. I always just assumed only the associated player got the benefit of their matching scenario card. So we now have justification that VPs can only be earned from your scenario, but no hard rule yet indicating that other effects only affect the owner of the card.

But I’m pretty sure only the player whose faction matches that scenario gets the benefit of its effects, even though we haven’t found it sceanrios explicitly anywhere. I found something in the articles but it is not in the rules.


Now, always take caution when going to articles because they are known to be incorrect from time to time, so it’s not the best place to look for rules, but here is the link to the first article describing scenario creation: This scenario card allows her units to move through forest terrain freely, but Sam is reassured by observing that rivers block the principal attack routes in both the center and on the right flank.

Both sceenarios place terrain on the battlefield, and take turns placing one ford.

It makes sense, but given that me and my buddy couldn’t find anything stating otherwise we treated the scenarios as blanket rules for the whole campaign and it allowed for drastically different game. We had two scenarios in play that effectively made forests useless. One allowed you to move through them freely and the other allowed you to attack from them with no penalty. They were just a way to limit damage coming at you from outside, but that was it. We also both earned victory points for having at least three forest occupied according to my VP set-up so the entire game became Daqan and Ulthark go ‘inna woods’ and hurl insults at each other.

Concerning other special rules, they typically say “friendly units”, which I take to signify units friendly to the faction playing that specific scenario card.

I did not check all the cards, however. So it is possible that the above explanation does not cover all the cases. What’s the point in a scenario where forests become meaningless because you add-up special rules from both scenario cards and applie them to both armies? Everything written battleolre one scenario card applies ONLY to the army of the player using this scenario card. Unless clearly stated otherwise, of course.

Do Scenarios apply to both sides? – BattleLore – FFG Community

Play in “the spirit” of the game rather than grappling every tiny bit of opportunity to gain advantages from your opponent and you’ll never ask yourself again about this kind of “rules mishaps”. Assuming you know the rules and just playing how you feel can lead to gross rules misunderstandings that can battellore a game. This could lead to an unhappy player base and negative rules that may affect the longevity of the game. It’s not life-threatening, as you say, but I think it’s worth trying to play by the rules as closely as the designers intended.


The thing is, we don’t know the designer’s intentions except as dictated by the rules.

Also, I think it’s totally possible for them to leave out a line here or there that is important. I mean, look at all the rules mistakes in the Rune Age rulebook.

FFG’s employees are human. By us meticulously going through the rulebook, we can help them catch mistakes they can put in the FAQ. The problem is that FFG games are hugely complex games with countless interaction among cards and other elements of the game, that is simply impossible for any single individual to be aware and catch everything.

Review: Battlelore Second Edition – war in Terrinoth

Especially because during the process of creating a game, authors go over and over and over the same topics, scwnarios slightly the wording, the names, the effects, so that it becomes really hard to keep track of everything. In the last 3 years, they made huge improvements on many fronts also thanks to some really good playtesters that started helpingbut errors can still happen. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community.

Already have an account? Do Scenarios apply to both sides? Posted August 24, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted August 25, Posted August 25, edited.

Posted August 26, Posted August 30, Use common sense, Flamespeak. FFG wasn’t made yesterday, they wouldn’t make such a big mistake in scenrios of their latest game.

BattleLore (board game) – Wikipedia

It may not be written in the rules, it’s just obvious. Hey, man, it’s just a game! Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Battlelorr an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

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