BD Transistor Datasheet pdf, BD Equivalent. Parameters and Characteristics. BD, BDA, BDB, BDC. PNP SILICON POWER TRANSISTORS. PRODUCT INFORMATION. 1. JUNE – REVISED MARCH Copyright. Silicon PNP Power Transistors. BD/A/B/C. DESCRIPTION. ·With TOC package. ·Complement to type BD/A/B/C. APPLICATIONS. ·For medium power.

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I also gave the source the alternative 2SA but she says these items are ‘very old’.

I did not have a replacement 4A fuse in stock and replaced xatasheet blown item with a similar sand-filled 3A fuse which also blew immediately. Dada’s service information on this site will give you typical voltages to check. After looking carefully, I can see no other overheated part or burnt wire anywhere. I then replaced the 4A fuse which kept blowing, connected the to its pre and switched on. The reason being that I now live alone in a big house after the death of my wife in January this year and I leave the system switched on due to previous house robberies here, hoping the system’s sound will deter more break-ins at my house.

Enter Word Verification in box below. Thank you and bf242 regards to all assisting me here. I removed the top cover and discovered one of the sand filled? Apologies for not keeping you up to date about my MK silent left channel. Is there perhaps another alternative I can use as replacement for or 2SA? I am a phono cartridge maker and don’t know too much about amplifier electronics but I can help myself in a basic way.

(PDF) BD242 Datasheet download

New repainted Quad chassis-parts are available Aug See http: Joost’s recommendations to use a Variac when testing ‘s is good advice as one can bring the voltage up slowly.


My problem happened to be R8 but my point was that any component failure in the initial stages could manifest itself with further component failure at the outputs. The same local ZAR source was supposed to get back to me about replacements for the ‘s since the 7th October but she never did. During the past several years, my worked perfectly without any issues at all until about a week ago when I discovered its left channel had no sound.

Micro Electronics Ltd. – Datasheet

Some 2N’s and Bd2442 arrived today and I worked slowly and carefully, removing the old and replacing them with the new. I have been unwell for many days with all kinds of flu nasties. There are no dry joints – I’m an experienced solderer and can replace or repair things I can SEE are faulty but know zero about electronic troubleshooting.

Btw, I don’t think I have blown components. Could you please be so kind as to instruct an old dufus where to look or what to replace? Hello again gents Apologies for not keeping you up to date about my MK silent left channel. I’ll have a look and do some measuring.

The amplifier is well-ventilated with nothing on top. Check with a multimeter across collector the case and the emitter pin. An oscilloscope and sine wave generator also really needed to look at waveforms throughout the circuit.

Thank you Mr Pye. I have a variac and your recommendation to to look at R8 is very useful. Eventually the fault was traced to R8 being open circuit thus putting an incorrect voltage on IC1.

Well I didn’t mean to imply you did it personally, but it has undoubtedly happened somehow.

BDA, BDA, – 4 pages datasheet sitemap ::

I have to buy some 4A fuses today and will post here re the diagnosis. My friend researched some replacement data sheets for me and recommended the following replacements: I’m new here but I have been a Quad solid state user for many years.


But the next question is why? I see that EJP has already replied, but there’s a useful list of eatasheet equivalents if you click the FAQ’s at the top of the page. What could have gone wrong? The same thing happened – the same fuse blew again.

Apologies for asking for some assistance in my very first post.

I had a similar problem on a earlier in the year it took a fair amount of time to fix. Whereas amplifiers like the are AC coupled the being DC coupled can be much datasyeet difficult to repair. At the time, I also datashfet some smaller capacitors where I could reach those. New Blog articles Sep Esmond made new posts. All the High-end boards for Quad and are available again as well as the High-end revisio.

So you will need to replace there, with MJ Even replacing all these caused TR9 and 10 to blow again.

The only unusual thing is the is more or less permanently switched on with the pre-amp’s volume set so low one can barely hear music is playing. Where else can I look or measure, please? Which of his recommendations are first choice, if any? Hello Gents I’m new here but I have been a Quad solid state user for many years. A friend helped me to diagnose the dead channel on my Quad MK1 and the problem was traced to one of the Toshiba 2SD’s.