Those of you who have read the Grow Fins booklet written by John will find the structure of this book familiar – verbatim interviews with Magic. This astonishing book is both a vigorous debunking of the Captain Beefheart myth – a myth sold by the old snake oil salesman himself and swallowed willingly . Buy Beefheart: Through The Eyes Of Magic by John Drumbo French (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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It remains a valid musical statement all these years eeyes, except for the bass which was recorded very badly, and because the wolverine had eaten most of my left legsome of the drum parts were too technically difficult by the time we came to record My Human Gets Me Blues.

Drumbo – thats how to write the book.

He felt that it was much too long but seemed unsure as to what needed to be done to it. Could have been better edited, as a few stories are repeated constantly throughout. Don Vliet – he added the van for a bit of swagger – was an extraordinary man, brilliant and outrageous – troutrageous, if you will. The wolverine was there to ensure I thought of animals and how they were smarter than us while I was transcribing the parts. Mr Froy is right to praise this book by John French.

Jun 25, Djll rated it did not like it Shelves: As other reviews have mentioned, there is some duplication of information in this approach, but I didn’t find this too intrusive. Vol 2 Iss 1 Download Link. Vol 1 Iss 2 Download Link. In frightening, insidious, joyful events and conversations, through French growing older, not playing music, returning to the Captain, separation, re-connecting with his religion, fatherhood, purging the magic, and beyond.

The guitar parts played by Jimmy Semens are also somewhat muted as he had not eaten for three weeks. The guts of the book is taken up with John French’s own story, interspersed with pieces of interviews held with other band members to fill in gaps in the story of the Magic Band and provide alternative viewpoints.

Review: Beefheart – Through the Eyes of Magic ~ The Fringe Magazine

Difficult to read without skipping as it goes on and on and on and I thought I would never listen to Trout Mask Replica ever again having read what the band had to go through to make it to coming back round to wanting to check out the few later albums I’m not familiar with yet. Us Beefheart fans kind of knew this stuff already but not in this tremendous gut-wrenching detail.

  HDS 558C PDF

It’s an obsessive chronicle of life in the swirl of Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band, written by the drummer who played on most of his albums including the legendary Trout Mask Replica. Want to Read saving…. It comes straight from the most reliable source, John French, a man of the utmost dedication and resolve, sent to the brink by this tyrannical genius, Van Vliet Essential reading for all Beefheart fanatics, although if you are one, you will have already read this.

Coming across like Alan Partridge crossed with Father Ted’s Golden Cleric acceptance speech, it’s clear that French is still and probably quite rightly incredibly bitter towards Don Van Vliet.

I don’t feel like this review has really done justice to how valuable and frustrating it is, probably because I’m falling asleep. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

So a little bit of disrespect is called for. I did proof-read the text and corrected some errors in the first six or seven chapters, and was able to suggest areas that could be reduced by removing some duplication and extraneous detail. Essential reading for all Beefheart fanatics, although if you are one, you will have already read this.

I’ve loved his music since I was that thin boy I used to be. For that track I was tied to a wolverine for three days and three nights while Don whistled the tune and the guitar parts to Bill who translated them into Morse Code and relayed them to me.

Indeed, we took food and drinks because we knew they were starving and I relate the scene in my own book, Freak Out!

Captain Beefheart connections but end up finishing it with a renewed, and fully justified, appreciation for The Magic Band and its individual members, of which the author has been a driving force since joining as a seventeen year old in To date, we have reviewed over books, including; non-fiction reference, music, art, photography, gardening, cooking, Self Help, architecture, design, biographies and roleplay games.

Steve Froy December ———————————————— The Radar Station would like to thank Proper Records for all their help with this review and allowing us to use these rare photographs.

His music was all compressed bounding beefheatt, all electric, howling, mad in every way, ecstatic, as religious as I ever wanted to be, you couldn’t sing along to it, or you could if you didn’t mind someone calling th Don Vliet – he added the van for a bit of swagger – was an extraordinary man, brilliant and outrageous – troutrageous, if you will.


Gave up on this one.

Beefheart: Through the Eyes of Magic

Nov 04, Jim rated it it was amazing. I saw Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band twice and both gigs are in my all time top ten. The book could have been edited and trimmed.

The people who will slog through the whole of the pages deserve medals and an intense course of counselling. This reverence is killing me. A very, very important band. Captain Beefheart Radar Station. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It was no picnic, and John French is very keen to tell you how horrible being in the Magic Band was most of the time. There is plenty in here to fuel debates for years to come.

A Sookie Stackhouse Colle Loads of anecdotes in here to keep the hardcore fans happy. Just as interesting is how he deals with such a situation and manages hte come out at the other end a strong person, as well as how the band overcame numerous obstacles most created by Van Vliet himself to create some of the most original music of the last century.

Aside from French’s Christianity and voluntary exorcism he is quite eloquent on these points and his total lack of rock-n-roll excess no salacious tell-all, hereprobably the most incredible thing here is Don Van Vliet as sociopathic brainwasher treating his Magic Band members to isolation, food deprivation, and effective imprisonment in a textbook mind control experiment. I visited their house in the summer of with Frank Zappa’s wife, Gail, and saw for myself the poverty of the band’s conditions.

Beefheart: Through the Eyes of Magic by John “Drumbo” French

Apr 04, Mark rated it did not like it Shelves: Band members would suffer constant verbal and physical abuse, not only from the front man, but also from other band members, as Van Vliet would methodically turn them against one another.

Having grown up there, I can almost hear the accent in my head when I read these pages. His humour is the saving grace here because without it you might not get through to the end.