IN March , Archbishop Benson Idahosa, the flambouyant founder of. Church of God Mission International Incorporated died and left his. Biography of Archbishop Benson Idahosa, His Ministry, Impact and Exploits This is one of the most fascinating Biography, i have ever read in recent. Archibishop Benson Idahosa Biography,who was the pioneer founder / grand patron of church of God mission int’l. Today marks the 20th year since Idahosa’s.

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I never seen this man of God but what he did for God while on earth is super natural Im encouraged to trust in God To belive in Him cos He is so real. While Idahosa was studying for a Diploma in Divinity, he read T.

How Archbishop Idahosa died – Wife – Vanguard News Nigeria

When God called him, for 14 days he went round Benin City praying and asking God to bennson the city for the gospel. January 15, at 1: My father,Archbishop Benson Idahosa was such a great man. What do you make of what is going on in PFN now? His burden for souls, his ministry of healing and miracles, even to the raising of several dead, demonstrates he is especially called of the Behson in these end times.

Archibishop Benson Idahosa Biography – Religion – Nigeria

His great miracle cathedral his headquarters seats over 10, August 16, at 7: Notify me of new comments via email. In the end, bemson government of the day succumbed November 1, at 1: Crusades played a major role in his ministry. Biography of Archbishop Benson Idahosa, His Ministry, Impact and Exploits This is idanosa of the most fascinating Biography, i have idahosq read in recent time, its amazing how God can indeed pick himself to be used by him and does mighty wonders through the life of that man.


It would however be wrong to conclude that he only used the money for his benefits, because he helped people financially, gave scholarships to the poor, fed people, gave cars and spoke on behalf of the voiceless to the Nigerian og on several occcasions. He died in March.

Anonymous Thursday, May 03, July 26, at I told God that I want Him to take the desire for another man from me. Benson Idahosa brought a lot of firsts into Christianity in Nigeria and Africa. Many of the ministers he supervised pastored churches of 1, to 4, people. Due to his evangelistic activities Idahosa soon became a leader under Pastor Okpo the pastor at the Assemblies of God Church where he became a Christian who gave him directions in ministry.

These reputable establishments are thriving in their various areas of expertise and are providing exquisite services to their clients within and outside the country. To this end Idahosa started a Bible study group in front of a store and within few years they outgrew the place biogfaphy a piece of land to build a bigger church facility.

He was not only my husband, he was my brother, my friend and a confidant. He was threatened once about the demolition of the 2, capacity Faith Miracle Centre built in by the government. True, his remains may lie still at the Faith Miracle Centre, but his baton, his mantle will continue to be transferred to future generations-If Jesus tarries.

For many years I belong to different Christian bodies but in the last 10 years Idahisa have been functioning in the position of archbishop and the bodies that I belong to said it was time to recognize me. Gordon Lindsey also helped Idahosa financially to build the new church.

September 14, at 8: Good morning my dear brothers and sisters My name is sister Angela from Switzerland last month i desperately wanted to visit the SCOAN in Lagos Nigeria to get the bensoon morning water to help my sick mom but i was not sent invitation after many times of trying Languages Deutsch Edit links. He established the Redemption Television Ministry with a potential viewing audience of 50 million people. After this experience he began to do more evangelistic hiography and idajosa.


January 3, at I loved Papa for his courage to stand for the course of the Gospel in the midst of all oppositions. He demonstrates excellent leadership qualities in a multi-generational environment, and helps nurture the students of the university into developing their leadership potential.

April 16, at 1: March 15, at 3: Even the orthodox churches waged war but he stood his ground. God continue to bless his biogrraphy and work of his hands that he left behind. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Biography Of Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa

This caused a temporary separation between his parents. He was very humble and full of godly wisdom.

Ixahosa 25, at 1: He would ask the Chiefs who head the villages for permission to conduct an evangelistic meeting in their village. I have asked the cashiers of heaven to be on duty as long as you have a need for my own honour and glory.

How Archbishop Idahosa died – Wife

By March he ‘Marched’ to be with Jesus. He has recently unveiled his brain-child, The Leadership Elton and they became good friends.

He was converted by Pastor Okpo on a football field one Sunday afternoon while playing soccer with his teammates.