ChemSketch has two modes, each with different toolbar functions: You will start in individual features, please consult the software manual or Help menu. ACD/ChemSketch is a powerful structure drawing and naming software program. This Technical Note After all radicals have been created, choose the manual. Introduction to ChemSketch. ChemSketch is a free download for educational use. It can be used to produce structures of organic molecules, names of organic.

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There are commands for structure-to-code and code-to-structure. Fig 9, below, shows an example.

This section presents one simple but versatile little trick to deal with this. A good procedure for chemsktch a molecule in 3D while preserving your drawing in the sketch pad is to first draw the molecule in Structure mode, then press the [ Copy to 3D ] button. That should give you the desired ion.

To name a structure you have drawn, use the “Generate name for structure” tool.

There are some suggestions below you can copy for practice. Now find the Mol file that you saved in Step 2, above, and Open it.

The benzene ring will be put on the screen. To add a Carbon, you click on the place where you want it added. There is no need for brackets, charges, aromatic specifications, etc. You’ll find that your drawings are much easier to manipulate if you learn about Grouping and Ungrouping objects in Draw mode.

Can you Link the ChemSketch cbemsketch The above sections presented manuao specific sequences of using the two modules, ChemSketch and 3D. Add orbitals Template Organizer Chesketch. In this case, I drew a 3-C chain, added a fourth C at the middle position and then changed it to a Cl.


More information about this feature is in the section Antialiasingbut it is probably ok to just turn it on. Toggle among them by right-clicking, or by pressing one of the toolbar buttons or choose View on the menu bar.

If you find any of this page to not be correct for version 14, please contact me. In the 3D module, the 3D Structure Optimization function is available from the Tools menu or a tool button. This section has been updated for version 1. You can choose your own short-cut menu in the Organizer. It is good to be aware of the possibilities. You might start by exploring and checking these topics in the Template Window: The ChemSketch naming procedure will not put an isomer designation on such an improper structure.

Procedure for changing an ordinary bond to a wedge bond: The C will change to an O, and the number of hydrogens will adjust appropriately.


The string can be read by both humans and computers — computers cannot typically read the two- and three-dimensional structures generated by chemists. Choose Insert Object in Word. ChemSketch will run fine “out of the box”. The wedge bond tools are at about 50 on the tool bar just above the ruler; see Fig 2.

In earlier versions of ChemSketch, the Open command was for the ChemSketch file format, and Import was used for other file formats. Thus, one can gain the benefit of antialiasing with pre-existing files, and can turn it on or off as desired. The free version of ChemSketch is related to a commercial product from the same company. More sets of templates are available from the Template Windowwhich is also on the Templates menu. ChemSketch is not only a molecular drawing program, it is also a molecular visualization program.


We will assume you know how to draw the neutral molecule, acetic acid left in this case. Branches are specified by enclosing them in parentheses, and can be nested or stacked. Many times you will have to expand a collapsed structural formula and show the correct sterochemistry and geometry. You will know when the pointer is properly positioned, because a faint box will appear around the bond.

How to Use ACD Chemsketch: Video Guide | SelectScience

Sometimes you want a particular group to point in a certain direction, and the drawing program may insist it point in another direction. Antialiasing makes lines and edges appear smoother on the screen.

To do this, see the next section: Select the benzene ring template. To do this, go to Tools menu, and choose 3D Structure Optimization. Give the file a name of your choice, and click Ok to save it. Now, put the pointer on one of the C-C bonds in the propane structure. The button will now be for “decrement charge”.

Use the “atom chemical properties” button. You may want to get an older version of ChemSketch. I am running v 1.