Semantic Scholar extracted view of “CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool” by Gene Fliedner. CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool Gene Fliedner Decision and Information Sciences Department, Oakland University, Rochester, Michigan. CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool Language: eng. Published: Emerald Subjects: Forecasting,Collaboration,Planning,Supply‚Äźchain management .

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Even a small reduction in supply chain safety stocks is a sizeable dollar figure. All of these driving forces support the need to respond quickly to volatile demand and other market signals. Although the methodology is applicable to any industry, CPFR applications to date have largely focused on the food, apparel, tolo general merchandise industries.

CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool – Semantic Scholar

Given the frequency of forecast generation and the potential for vast numbers of items requiring forecast preparation, simple forecast procedures are commonly used within CPFR. Supply chain collaboration making sense of the strategy continuum. Retailers indicated that order response times as short as six days for domestic durables and 14 days for nondurables were being achieved. Their impact on business performance. The global business environment as a whole continues to face increasing competition in an economic environment that is becoming ever more volatile.

An examination of third party providers. Benefits, problems and a contextual model. Indian organizations are increasingly deploying supply chain strategies for logistics improvements- to increase sales revenue, enhance profits, reduce order to delivery cycle time and minimize inventories Sahay and Mohan, CIM getting set for implementation.

It is observed from literature review that researchers have studied CPFR from a various perspectives, although this study gives the better understanding of CPFR activities and its mapping by discussing the rational behind CPFR. An exploratory study of North American manufacturing firms. The benefits resulting from a successful application of CPFR include reduction in stock-outs, improved inventory management, emwrging cycle times, increase in sales revenues, stronger relationships between trading partners, better overall system visibility, customer service and improved cost structures.


Efficient consumer response as a supply chain strategy for grocery business. Practices, concerns and performance issues. As higher levels of product variety, global marketplaces, shorter product life cycles and demand for premium customer service are increasing supply chain complexity and cost, the impact of e-business have forced companies to take look at and redefine their supply chain strategies Yaxin et al.

As depicted in the simplified supply chain of Figure 2, the point of collaboration utilizing CPFR becomes the retail level demand forecast, which is then used to synchronize replenishment and production plans throughout the entire supply chain.

Research on CPFR and warehousing management: Several approaches are being investigated to enhance collaborative relationships by way of extranets emergng supply chain partners Joachim, Each of these steps is then repeated iteratively in a continuous cycle, at varying times, by individual products and the calendar of events established between trading partners.

Given that demand may be forecast many ways e.

Quantifying the bullwhip effect in a simple supply chain: In this study, we have suggested that managers must investigate the reasons why to manage, what to manage and how to select the most appropriate action to be taken to implement CPFR.

E-commerce and its impact on operations management. A final obstacle to implementation focuses on the fear of collusion leading to higher prices Verity, Outsourcing and Global Issues During the last two decades, globalization has emerged as a major force of shaping business strategies, leading firms, to develop products designed for a global market and to source components globally Cooper, Authors then exploits deployment of e-business supply chain applications which bind firms through electronic communication, interdependent transactions and collaborative processes.


Suppliers Impact on Business Performance The critical objectives of purchasing departments of an organisation and the customers are to get the right quality of product, at right cost and right quantity at right time from the right suppliers.

CPFR: an emerging supply chain tool

Supply chain collaboration alternatives: It is not uncommon emergijg large retail stores to stock 75, or more items, supplied by 2, to 3, trading partners Hickey, These papers define the process, applications, benefits and development of CPFR.

Automatic Replenishment Programs ARP intend to increase the efficiency in inventory management by substituting inventory with information Daugherty et al.

A State of Art. ERP systems are increasingly being used to provide the interconnected transaction foundation among the various planning systems comprising a company’s intranet Joachim, Supply chain management practices in Indian industry. A recent trend in system technologies and processes presents an opportunity for development of CPFR.

This increases the importance of effective supplier selection and assessment A and Tan, Then, collaboration among trading partners may be pursued. The dynamics of emergency transhipment supply chains.