The Funhouse has ratings and reviews. Watchers by Dean Koontz Odd Thomas by Dean Koontz Intensity by Dean Koontz Lightning by Dean. Written by: Vitina Molgaard “The Funhouse, I think, is better than that. It’s fun. It has something to say. The background is not least. Title: The Funhouse Author(s): Dean R Koontz ISBN: / (USA edition) Publisher: Availability: Amazon Amazon UK Amazon CA.

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When the carnival comes to town, Joey plans to escape his troubled home and join the revellers. It took me a while to read it and it wasn’t because the book itself was slow, you know life gets in the way, stress blah, blah, blah I mean, I guess if you want to pretend Gunther is getting kokntz hand job from his own mother that’s your prerogative, but for me and hopefully most of you, you’ll see that even though it’s a novelization, the relation between the film and the book is more like a film that was based on a book and revised heavily by screenwriters.

But their mother drowns her secret guilt in alcohol and prayer. To the Servants of Twilight, however, he is an evil presence who must be destroyed – an Anti-Christ who must die.

The Funhouse

That night, after running background checks on most of the residents of town through a private investigatorConrad learns that Amy and Joey are Ellen’s children. Now fast-forward 27 years and meet our focal characters. But their mother drowns her secret guilt in alcohol and prayer. In the tradition of the carnies, Conrad road the carousel backwards and they were divorced. Once there was a girl who ran away and joined a traveling carnival.

But only a few highlighted The Funhouseone of his rare major studio projects, and one that is similarly overlooked in the slasher canon. The narrator was okay, but the voice of the character of Liz almost drove me insane. But even those bonus kills wouldn’t fill up a whole book, so Koontz who published the book under his old pseudonym, Owen West also invents a backstory not only for Amy, the film’s protagonist played by Elizabeth Berridge but also her strict mother, Ellen.


So, one day when she’s alone with the thing her baby, she killed it while it was trying to kill her too. Released init hasn’t gained as large of a fanbase as some of that year’s other original slashers such as My Bloody ValentineThe Burningand Just Before Dawnthough that could be due to the fact that it doesn’t QUITE check those “dead teenager” boxes off as well as its competition.

She moves and starts a new life with a new man, new house, and new kids. Would I recommend this? True love hurts, but Juliette knows it’s worth all the pain She also gets kkoontz and stumbles into Joey’s room to confess her crimes, but of course the little kid has no idea what she’s talking about and feels sorry for her.

The Funhouse by Owen West

Aug 19, Mike rated it it was amazing Shelves: The decision to do it under other name I think kontz was because it was the novelization of a movie and so Dean Koontz wasn’t too eager to be related with it if it happens to be bad. Ironically, the book comes closer to slasher movie territory than the film does, as we are treated to three additional deaths two carnival attendees and a safety inspector to tide us over until the big showdown between our hero teens and Gunther and his carnival barker father, Conradeffectively doubling the body count.

She doesn’t remember who she is or why she is there.


Information for Authors Booksellers Jobseekers Press. Open Preview See a Problem? Well, big fan here! I don’t remember the sequence of events,or even what it was about, but I do recall one awkward moment. Even this stuff doesn’t quite match up to the film, though as mentioned it’s possible Koontz had a different script to work from.

Dean Koontz ‘The Funhouse’ Review – Horror Novel Reviews

There is a reason why Pilgrim and Lacey must cross paths. Amy was conflicted until the very end when she grew up and could tell evil from real life. West, whose remains continue to disintegrate, in that field in Burma, where the herd of oxen— and the movie version of The Funhouse—drove his too mortal flesh deep into the oily, black mud.

It preyed on the things I wanted as a young woman; experience, excitement, and at the same time love and family. It is otherwise an awful movie, however. Rose ooontz a beautiful daughter, a luxurious home and a thriving interiors company.

I wish it started a trend of novelizations that treated the film as the third act it’s the inverse of Roger Corman using Poe stories as the third act of his film adaptations! Unbeknownst to her, Conrad made a pact with the devil, which resulted in Ellen giving birth to a hideous, inhuman creature who repulsed and terrified her.

She did whatever she was fujhouse. Little Joey is adorable and I felt incredibly bad for him at several moments in the story.

With that being said, that was definitely not the case with Funhouse. The Funhouse by Owen West Pseudonym .