– Criticism and interpretation. 3· Masochism in literature. 4· Sadism in literature. I. Deleuze, Gilles. Presentation de Sacher-Masoch, le froid et le cruel. Gilles Deleuze. MASOCHISM. An Interpretation of Coldness and Cruelty together with the entire text of. VENUS IN FURS by Leopold von Sacher-Masoch. Masochism: Gilles Deleuze, Coldness and cruelty and Leo- pold von Sacher- Masoch, Venus in furs. Tr. Jean McNeil. New York: Zone Books, Pp.

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In terms of clinical analysis of sadism and masochism, I still prefer Lacan, but this is a great critical contribution.

The writing style- short, dispersed sections that skip over certain points of plot and character development – leans more on the experimental side.

So if you don’t have enough pain, sadness, impotent longing, failure, shame, and humiliation in your own miserable life, have some of Severin’s!

I don’t mind this too much. Fascinating foray into the world of sexual deviance, power play, and gender fluidity.

Masochism: Coldness and Cruelty – Wikipedia

Mar 18, Samelu Binumcole rated it really liked it. In every cry of every Man, In every Infants cry of fear, In every voice: The clinical riddle of masochism proper is not entirely separate from questions of mundane submissiveness and passivity, but they ought not be conflated.

Notably, within his metaphysics he favored a Spinozian concept of a plane of immanence with everything a mode of one substance, and thus on the same level of existence. According to Bogue, “Deleuze tries to revive the reputation of Sacher-Masoch, a celebrated and prolific novelist of the s and s now remembered only as the eponymous exemplar of masochism, by demonstrating that Sacher-Masoch is an astute delfuze and a profound thinker whose works Radically distinguishing psychological from sensual masochism for a moment, the sad fatalism is summarized in tones echoing Dostoyevsky’s unforgettable “Make us your slaves, but give us bread!

I’m rating the Deleuze and Masoch separately. Very Poor psychoanalysis mostly stemming from false assumptions and fallacies of the human sexuality. Paperbackpages. Sade uses a language of descriptions that aim at demonstration, whereas Masoch uses the description for a higher function, one of persuasion and education. It is no longer a matter of pain and sexual pleasure only but of bondage and humiliation as well.


I was captivated by it. One needs to believe that one is not dreaming, even when one is. Deleuze’s essay, certainly the most profound study yet produced on eeleuze relations between sadism and masochism, seeks to develop and explain Masoch’s “peculiar way of ‘desexualizing’ love while at the same time sexualizing the entire history masochsm humanity.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A must read for anyone interested in good literary criticism I’m not completely familiar with Deleuze’s thoughts. Deleuze begins his march through this insensitive topic by drawing a distinction between it and sadism through the uses of humor: Aug 18, Madelyn rated it it was ok Shelves: One will move you more powerfully than the rest and it will become like an obsession – write it down!! I did a creative thesis instead.

It is completely fresh; not bending itself to adhere to anything but itself.

But this leads to the penultimate chapter, “Humor, Irony and the Law. Aug 14, thos.

We in the West have simply replaced one inscrutable world system for another, even as atheists are convinced they have all the answers. Maybe not everyone would be comfortable with Deleuze’s characterization of sadists as mathematician-like and machinistic and masochists as more purely engaged in education and devotion, but I like it!

Venus in Furs, the most famous of all of Masoch’s novels was written in and belongs to an unfinished cycle of works that Masoch entitled The Heritage of Cain. These incompatibilities militate against any sort of complementarity: A book I’d like to compare this to that I’ve read recently is Bataille’s Erotism; while Bataille borrowed extensively from writers like Nietzsche for his conceptual approach Erotism is basically a horny The Birth of Tragedyhis ambitions were quite high and he surveyed eroticism and religion extensively.

If you can manage that then lie down and imagine for yourself different wanton acts. Deleuze also distinguishes between attitudes towards the paternal and maternal images in the two systems. Here, Deleuze goes his own way, haphazardly builds his own conceptual approach, but is very humble and restrained in the material he covers. Towards a Minor Literature Rhizome Nomadology: I read it in one sitting and need to read it again. Deleuze starts off by first moving from the clinical practice of associating proper names to diseases Parkinson’s and Roger’s disease for instance.


I inhaled this book and several otherswrote about 30 pages, consulted with the ancient visiting Kafka scholar whose class I’d been taking, wrote another dozen pages, then realized I’d rather put out my own eyes than write any more on this vaguely creepy topic. Mar 14, Eyre rated it it was amazing. On the last point, though: So far, really exciting perspective on Sade vs.

This is why Sacher-Masoch has no obscenity: Honestly, without the help of a prof, Deleuze’s section was pretty over my head, even with the notes I’d already written in the margins.

I confess a preexisting lukewarmness toward Deleuze stemming from a battle with “Bergsonism” years ago: The Movement Image Cinema 2: It looks like ole Gilles is having some fun at the expense of the Left.

Masochism: Coldness and Cruelty & Venus in Furs

But I read Sade recently, and as of today I’m still married, so it was time to find out just how much of a Masochist I must be. Sadism is broken into two components: Ronald Bogue writes that while Deleuze addresses traditional literary questions in Masochism: This book is Deleuze argumenting against sadomachocism as a clinical term, something he does rather successfully imo, but all the while using Freudian terms that I suspect are somewhat outdated.

Yet his overweening effort to categorically separate what masochism IS from what sadism IS and ne’er shall the twain meet is unconvincing, forced and a bit sloppy.

Preview — Masochism by Gilles Deleuze.