Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Aoife Marie Sheridan has loved reading from a very young age, starting off with mills and boon books given to by her. Summary. Sarajane Anderson is your regular twenty-one year old with family, friends and a normal job. She also happens to be the only person. Eden Forest Book One of the Saskia Trilogy Aoife Marie Sheridan Four banished Angels, A world created by the hands of God, A Kingdom on its knees, A secret.

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Just finished this book last night at 2. Until the end of Eden Forest, the reader cannot read this particular character. To find out more about Aoife Marie Sheridan you can visit her at: This other world that she learns she really if from and that she really is a Princess doesn’t take her by surprise it’s all the magic from the elements that she is learning on the way and all the other surprises that she ends up encountering along the way.

No trivia or quizzes ,ari. I also liked the mysterious Tristan, who is the love interest of our main character ; Let’s discuss that.

Eden Forest ~ The Complete Saskia Trilogy

Next we jump to Sarajane. Even Sarajane’s mother had this duality to her character that will make readers struggle to know their feelings toward her. I can say that i did enjoy Eden Forest, especially the world the story was set in. Her daughter, Sarajane, who nobody is aware of existing is really the powerful person the dark lord is searching for. How to Promote YO Santiago rated it really liked it.

The story starts fast and gets you hooked even faster, quite honestly if i didn’t have a dog with a cone head right now, and i was the only one at home, i wouldn’t have stopped reading this book, the plot wasn’t the only amazing thing but i will get to characters in a moment.


While the premise of fores universes is not new, the way the author chooses to use the concept is. Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide. I am a big fan of parallel worlds, which is one of the reasons I really wanted to read this book.

Eden Forest (Part One of the Saskia Trilogy) : Miss Aoife Marie Sheridan :

I loved that she was such a compassionate MC and along with compassionate, she was passionate. I do hope the author aoiife a bit about what happens with Sarajane’s friends who were left behind when she came to Saskia.

Only hiccup in her life is the disappearance of her mother 6 months ago. The relationship between Sarajane and Tristin al A fantastic read!

Eden Forest (Part One of the Saskia Trilogy)

They need to be written a certain way and Aoife Marie Sherridan did an amazing job. Sarajane becomes involved in a world of powers and intrigue she could never have believed before. Sarajane is kidnapped and thrown into the unknown. Through this technique, Sheridan merges with each character making them come to life on the pages of her novella.

Add onto that the fact that she is breaking the law and threatening the very life of her unborn child you have quite the book on your hands. It’s the story of Sarajane Anderson, a young woman from “our” world who’s recently lost her mother and isn’t quite able to accept that she’s really dead.

Edn now after finishing the book it was a splendid idea because otherwise it would have been information overload when we couldn’t have handled it. Sarajane denies her wden is dead.

For her first book, I think it was done quite well, and subsequent ones should be even better. Voigts 2 sale 12 Sarah J. I find it portrays what’s inside and also the effort put towards it which is especially true for self publishing.


It is something new and fresh. In the process of this transformation, Sarajane learns that she is a princess and has magical abilities. The book will definitely create a ric I really enjoy a different foest of fantasy, and this is exactly what this book is.

By creating Saskia, Sheridan brought a new dimension to the table and made the characters all that more interesting. Many times, I wanted to throw something at him. Jan 12, Robyn Letourneau rated it it was amazing Shelves: But here is the thing i didn’t mind in this book i loved it, it wasn’t too strong for the first book in a series and i appreciated that because sometimes the first thing prophecy books want to do is cram it down your throat.

Another great aspect of the characters in this book was Sheridan’s ability to write unlikable characters. I didn’t notice any plot holes or sections that didn’t mesh with everything else.

The effect of her mother’s disappearance is felt by the whole family, and affects every aspect of their lives. Combined with the wonderful character development was just the beautifully written language. Tristan is this Hott and dreamy guy that is a tough guy and has element sheridn like no other, he is strong himself and very caring for those around him.

She was just a regular girl until she gets pulled in into that new fascinating world.