Evagrius Scholasticus, Ecclesiastical History (AD), translated by E. Walford (). Book 4. THE FOURTH BOOK. CHAPTER I. ACCESSION OF JUSTIN. The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius narrates the history of the church from the start of the Nestorian controversy in until the death of Evagrius’ employer. Evagrius Scholasticus: Christianity: Historical and polemical writing: to was chronicled by Evagrius Scholasticus. The consequences of Chalcedon as.

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BUT this discourse was not published, “God having provided some better scholasticuw for us: Then Chosroes, in utter despair, impressed by the circumstances with a sense of his disgraceful folly in having entertained an idea of prevailing over the God whom we worship, retreated ingloriously into his own territories.

Evatrius mode evatrius also been devised, one which reaches to the utmost extent of resolution and endurance: THERE lived at that season men divinely inspired and workers of distinguished miracles in various parts of the world, but whose glory has shone forth every where.

WHEN Anthimus, as has been already mentioned, was removed from the see. When, however, notwithstanding a promise given on the preceding day, that he would present himself if there were occasion, he did not appear, though thrice summoned, the assembly proceeded to the investigation of the matter. The ascent of the mountain evwgrius as much as twenty stadia. JUSTINIAN was possessed by another propensity, of unequalled ferocity; whether attributable to an innate defect of his disposition, or to cowardice and apprehensions, I am not able to say.

They were allowed to assault houses, to plunder the valuables they contained, and to compel persons to purchase their own lives; and if any of the authorities endeavoured to check them, he was in danger of his scholasgicus life: Controversy exists as to the date on which Evagrius was born, since historian G.

Views Read Edit View history. AND here let not any one of the deluded worshippers scholastcus idols presume to sneer, as if it were the business of succeeding councils to depose evagriys predecessors, and to be ever devising some addition to the 21 faith. In this state of utter perplexity, they bring the divinely wrought image, which the hands of men did not form, but Christ our God sent to Abgarus on his desiring to see Him.

With these were combined many statements in which scholasticu fathers had purely set forth the true faith, having side by side with them various blasphemies which the sxholasticus of the impious Nestorius had vented. NEXT in succession to that malignant spirit Nestorius, Maximianus is invested with the bishopric of the city of the renowned Constantine, in whose time the church of God enjoyed perfect peace: On this occasion Hypatius and Pompeius were compelled by the people to assume the sovereignty.

He recounts also other distinguished exploits of Narses in the overthrow of Buselinus and Syndualdus, and the acquisition of nearly the whole country as far as the ocean. If even a prostitute, marking out an evagriuss as a victim, raised a charge of criminal intercourse against him, all law was at once rendered vain, and by making Justinian her associate in dishonest gain, she transferred to herself the whole wealth of the accused person.

AT that time lived also Thomas, who pursued the same mode of life in Coele-Syria.

For the faith which formerly was alone arrayed against him, this he now affects: Two years after the capture of Antioch by the Persians, a pestilence broke out, in some respects similar to that described by Thucydides, in others widely different. This John, scholasticsu Chuzibite, having heard that the wife of Arcesilaus had lost one of her eyes by a stroke of a spindle, runs immediately to her to see the accident; and when he finds that the pupil is gone and the eye altogether lacerated, he commands one of the physicians in attendance to bring a sponge, and, having replaced as well as he could the lacerated parts, to apply and secure the sponge with bandages.


His education was long-ranging and comprehensive since early childhood, starting with a specialization in Grammar scholastlcus transitioning to classical Greek literature. These were crushed by Theodosius, who sent out for that purpose large land and naval forces. This visitation also befell cities and other places in many instances according to the periods called Indictions; and the disease occurred, with the almost utter destruction of human beings, in the second year of each indiction.

The next in succession was Peter; and csholasticus him came Macarius, without the emperor’s evaagrius.

Evagrius Scholasticus

A portion scholaeticus it is expressed in the following terms: I learn from one who wrote an account of his demise, that, when his tongue had been eaten through with worms, he departed to the greater and everlasting judgment which awaited him. Nestorius, then, himself says, that during a residence there of four years, he received every mark of respect and distinction; and that, by a second edict of Theodosius, he is banished to the place called Oasis.

Therefore I entreat your highness to take that just view of my seizure which the laws would enjoin, and not sacrifice a prisoner of war to the malice and evil 16 designs of men: When, however, Theodosius, notwithstanding his refusal at first to sanction the deposition of Nestorius, had subsequently, on being fully informed of his blasphemy, addressed pious letters both to Cyril and John, they are reconciled to each other, and ratify the act of deposition.

I was desirous of visiting the precinct of this saint, distant nearly thirty stadia from Theopolis, and situated near the very summit of the mountain. Review quote This book will be an indispensable tool for anyone interested in late antiquity and is to be highly commended for its thorough and lucid scholarship. He begins with the Council of Ephesus and ends with the twelfth year of the reign of the Emperor Maurice On hearing this, Simeon assented, saying that he bore the flesh with its frailties; and when the story was universally spread, and Simeon, as it seemed, was deeply sccholasticus, he withdrew into retirement, as if from feelings of sholasticus.

Justinian assaults him, like some impregnable tower, with every kind of device, considering that if he could only succeed in shaking this bulwark, all difficulty would be removed in capturing the city, enslaving the right doctrine, and taking captive the sheep of Christ.

Scholassticus it happened in my own case–for I deem it fitting, in due adaptation of circumstances, to insert also in this history matters relating to myself–that at the commencement of this calamity I was seized with what are termed buboes, while still a school-boy, and lost by its recurrence at different times several of my children, my wife, and many of my kin, as well as of my domestic and country servants; the several indictions making, as it were, a distribution of my misfortunes.

The history, in many places, evagriuss a minute familiarity with the localities of Antioch: He stripped of their entire property innumerable wealthy persons, under colour of the emptiest pretexts.

When all this had been done, the holy synod declared its judgment precisely in the following terms: SCARCE had the impiety of Julian been flooded over by the blood of the martyrs, and the frenzy of Arius been bound fast in evageius fetters forged at Nicaea, and, moreover, Eunomius and Macedonius, by the agency of 3 the Holy Spirit, had been swept as by a blast to the Bosphorus, and wrecked against the sacred city of Constantine; scarce had evagriue holy church cast off her recent defilement, and was being restored to her ancient beauty, robed in a vesture inwrought with gold, and in varied array, and becoming meet for the bridegroom, when the demon enemy of good, unable to endure it, commences against us scholasticcus new mode of warfare, disdaining idolatry, now laid in the dust, nor deigning to employ scholastichs servile madness of Arius.


Ecclesiastical historian and last of the continuators of Eusebius of Caesareab. On the other hand, whenever a stranger visits them, even at early dawn, they welcome him with generous entertainment, devising another form of fasting in eating against their will.


He gave, besides, two hundred pounds’ weight of gold for the restoration of the baths of Valens, which had been partially burnt. About this page APA citation.

Accordingly, in serious concerns he was ready in ear and fluent in tongue, promptly resolving the questions proposed to him; but in trifling matters, his ears were altogether closed, and a bridle restrained his tongue, so that speech was enthralled by thought, and silence resulted, more valuable than speech. My email address is webmaster at newadvent. The sequel of my history shall very clearly set forth the transactions of his reign over the East, while the heavenly impulse bestows its own kindly aid.

At her suggestion, Theodosius considerably enlarges the bounds of the city, by extending the circuit of the wall as far as the gate which leads to the suburb of Daphne: The introduction of these matters, though beside my more immediate purpose, will not offend the taste of the curious reader.

Accordingly, messengers proceeded with all haste to Arcesilaus, whom they found sitting in conversation with Zosimas. One of his friends had a female domestic, who, having been debauched and become pregnant by some person, when she was urged by her owners to name the individual, said that Simeon had secretly cohabited with her and that she was pregnant by him ; that she was ready to swear to the truth of this statement, and, if necessary, to convict him.

Evagrius himself was infected by the outbreak yet miraculously managed to survive this disaster during his youth. Some cities were so severely afflicted as to be altogether depopulated, though in other places the visitation was less violent. In so great a measure had the power of divine grace taken possession of him, that, when Theodosius had issued a mandate, that the synagogues of which they had been previously deprived by the Christians, should be restored to the Jews of Antioch, he wrote to the emperor with so much freedom and vehement rebuke, as standing in awe of none but his own immediate sovereign, that Theodosius re-called his commands, and in every respect favoured the Christians, even superseding the prefect who had suggested the measure.