Get a price for the A06BH, Servo Drives by Fanuc only at EU Automation (UK). Call now, fast delivery worldwide. Visit us now and find out more. A06BH A06BH Fanuc Parts – AC Servo Amplifier A06B H A06B H Buy New or Surplus FANUC A06BH (SERVO AMPLIFIER, 20/30, DIGITAL, TYPE 20/30S, SINGLE AXIS, S SERIES, POWER BOARD.

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Thanks for your help, Bill Gillen. Attach a thermolabel on the motor surface and check it visually to see if the motor becomes too hot during normal a06b-605. The time now is You cannot exchange the A06BH and -H amps. Well, what if you were able to see a piece of equipment before you purchased it? Hi All, I looked on the motherboard, and found four empty sockets labeled C and there was a column labeled for two of fanu sockets 2H and 3H for the other two.

Check to see if the motor is too hot during normal operation. Before setting a closed loop system using a separate position detectorthe user should check the operation of the machine in a fanyc loop system using the pulse coder on the motor. This 1 axis controller is complete; it includes the power section and the reference control board A20B- FANUC actually defaulted to nsec in the older controls so you can certainly use the faster chip.

It’s like having the store come to you! This makes me think there is a soldered joint that is not making good contact until it warms up. The position command data of each axis is transmitted to a high-performance microprocessor mounted within the NC ranuc. These SRAM chips are not related to any servo alarms as they fajuc used for options that require additional battery backed memory.


Oil or cutting fluid can damage the coating by chemical reaction, ranuc leading to failure. Here’s the info requested. My Denford Cyclone is throwing error codesand only sometimes when you first turn it on. Results 1 to 12 of Five different chips popped up, so I wanted to ask which is the correct chip? Check the motor surface and bolt holes for oil or cutting fluid. I knew I needed the manual and couldn’t find one.

Will a Fanuc Servo Amp A06BH replace a A06BH

Before starting operation, or periodically once a week or monthyou should inspect the AC servo motors for vibration and noise, outside damage, stains and smudges, overheating. If there is a scratch or a crack on the motor surface, the user should repair it by himself as required. We’ll send you an email letting you know exactly when your piece of equipment will be available for viewing Name: Stock Quick Quote.

Depending on what type of CNC, you would go to the following diagnostics display: Receiving and Keeping the A06BH When you receive a A06BH module from MRO Electric, make sure that the motor is exactly the one you ordered, in terms of model, shaft, and sensor specifications, and make sure that no damage has been caused on the motor.


If coating has come off, dry the portion of interest or the entire surface and coat it with paint for machines such as urethane paint.

A06B-6058-H006 | A06B6058H006

Please contact us to complete your request. To answer your question, though, you can use either of the first four PN you listed. Supply service Reconditioned and tested systems 6 to 12 months warranty. I then went to ebay and typed in C. Thanks for your message.

Servo motors should be kept indoors as a rule. These dual element amplifiers are designed to run the following motors: These are very handy and useful, for those of us who wants to ensure good quality in our work. Product price, specification, warranty and availability subject to change without notice. AC servo motors have precision sensors — their incorrect use or damage caused during transportation or assembling can result in breakdowns or accidents.

In stock, shipping within 24h. Standard exchange service New systems 12 a06b-0658 24 months warranty. They’ve always been helpful and efficient when I have placed orders with them.

The PWM control signal is fed to a separate servo amplifier, which amplifies this PWM control signal to the required power level for the AC servo motor. Not just a picture from the manufacturer’s a006b-6058, but the actual piece of equipment you would receive. No customer reviews for the moment.