The Kodokan Goshin Jutsu was created in by a Kodokan working group to It is divided into two unarmed sets (toshu no bu) and three sets with weapons The intent in this kata is different than with normal Judo practice, in that this is a. Kodokan Goshin Jutsu Kata No Kata. Closing date for applications: 28th January For any questions, email: [email protected] Los geht’s: Goshin-Jitsu-no-Kata Seminar in Varel mit Claus Hillers hat begonnen. Die Teilnehmer sind aus dem gesamten Bundesgebiet angereist Vielen.

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To CK sensei’s points. I write as a pupil of judo. I feel this way about Koshiki-no-kata and Itsutsu-no-kata, and Ju-no-kata and Go-no-kata. This may be of greater benefit to me that the generalisations we are all writing at present. Yet again I wrote a long reply only to see it disappear? Talk about treating uke like a moron?

Again, I have said that “modern” does not mean “contemporary”.

Uke holds his arm with the knife out of reach for Tori, so Tori has to attack the other arm, force Gosshin down and controls his movements, keeping his body always in distance to Ukes right arm. Ueshina was infamous with his teaching as even when attacked with what looked like the same attack by the same person Ueshiba would not use gooshin same defence twice as he felt the nuances, the differences, between each and every attack.

Uke attackes with a knife in his Right hand yet tori moves against ukes left hand?

This is in part the teacher’s failing. I dislike the kodokan goshinjutsu even being linked with that term.

Kodokan Goshin Jutsu – Wikipedia

I used the knowledge acquired through the practice of that kata. It was the one kata which I hated practicing and thus N did not practice it, unless I had to do my nidan exam and one of my coaching certifications for where it was also on the program. Kata or non kata Critics against goshin jutsu again?


I mention the ju no kata as in the dojo of my sensei in France I saw his senior deshi practice ju no kata as a form of SD also performed to both sides jiteu the body.

Specifically, I’m looking for a good, old-fashioned wooden pistol. CK sensei also wrote, Quote Have you any idea what other styles of bugei think of this kata? I am travelling and will write more later.

I am very katw aware that most judoka of today don’t even like kata. In contrast to Kime-no-Kata the attacks in Kodokan-Goshinjutsu are not from a static, but from a moving situation.

To this end what the hell am I missing? Off note along the same thread: By Kano’s intention, Judo is supposed to be a martial art, means to physical education and a pedagogic system. I am in the most unfortunate position.

I hope you and yours are well. There will be some value in the practice of the kodokan goshinjutsu to those who have ‘perhaps’ not learned and understood the kime no kata and ju no kata or furthermore never practiced atemi waza nor goshinjutsu. If he has and his concentration wavers then you should attack first. When I would ask any of them to show katame-waza for the group, they could do it, they could also show nogare-kata and turnovers, entries, but if I asked any of them to systematically show the escapes of each osaekomi, kansetsu-waza, or shime-waza, it was a mess.

Most of the techniques tori uses for defence are considered illegal in judo competitions shiai and randoriand are therefor not known to many judoka. In goshin you have three of those, do they work?


Total Crazy Rant about Kodokan Goshin jutsu

How many men keep their wallets in their left pocket and how many would be attackers check the pockets themselves? I have written chapter and verse as to the solid foundational benefits in learning and practicing the kata starting with the randori no kata.

Mike, your initial post certainly is a bit extreme. For jitxu there is no wrist lock in KNK while you have some in goshin jutsu.

What is Jūdō?

The kata includes Aikido waza such as Ikkyo similar to Ude GatameKote Gaeshi and Kote Hineri wrist twistswhich could be applied effectively after a relatively short period of time unlike most Judo Nagewaza which would take the student quite a while to become proficient enough to be able to use them confidently.

I have attended clinics where this kata was taught and tried to learn it. The majority of troop SD is knife based. Goshinjutsu has distant attacks.

Some attacks are similar, but to the other side f.

I understand what kata are and the constsnt debate about what makes a kata a kata yet this kodokan boshin is seen as a non kata almost non kodokan is another smoke goshib after all it is called the KODOKAN goshinjutsu? Nothing to offer the student? WHY do I just find it so soul destroying to practice and teaching it drives me to real despair.

One valid point I can see. Shodokan is nearer the reality.