Check out Crossroads Blues by Adam Gussow on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on Author Adam Gussow is a blues harmonica player who formed Satan & Adam duo with Sterling “Mister Satan” Magee, who played guitar and. Gina Mahalek talks to Adam Gussow, Author of Beyond the Crossroads, about Sterling Magee, the blues tradition and folklore in the American.

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The pastors turned to fire and brimstone, calling out the devil lurking in blues music, hoping to save souls and their financial future. But the devil image also enabled the musicians to boast of their own power, sexuality, and freedom in a way that escaped notice.

Also included are extensive Notes and Bibliography sections plus eight pages in chronological order listing blues songs with a devil theme. AG books Mister Satan’s Apprentice.

The author asserts that it was guitarist Ike Zimmerman, not Legba, who mentored his young protege, turning him into a guitar master after many late night sessions conducted in a local graveyard. Currently an associate professor of English and southern studies at the University of Mississippi, Gussow also teaches harmonica and crossroadsbluew with guitarist Alan Gross in the Blues Doctors duo.

Finally, he looks at the successful branding of the Crossroads theme by the city of Clarksdale in a concerted effort to establish the area as the center of blues tourism in the Mississippi Delta region.

Adam Gussow – Beyond The Crossroads | Book Review – Blues Blast Magazine

The two have been playing together since the mids…. Here’s the music video of one cut from the album, “Crossroads Blues,” that my producer Bryan W. Within two weeks, in mid-Junea fine Swedish player named Hakan Ehn had uploaded the following. He’s changed up the harp; instead of playing it in second position cross harphe’s moved to third position, giving it a minor feel: Here’s what Roger Gatchet of Living Blues had to say in his review of the album: After a thirty-five year career as a blues performer, including more than two decades with the W.


Money that was spent carousing on Friday and Saturday nights was money that would not find its way into the collection plate on Sunday morning. The author provides guidance for determining meaning beyond the superficial layer songs may present at first hearing. My debut music video, a one-man-band version of “Crossroads Blues” released inhas been remixed, remade, and re-attempted by a few people over the years.

I’ll always be thankful to Hakan for that. I think I may already have found my blues harmonica album for ! Adam Gussow — Beyond The Crossroads. Cantrella song he once recorded with Mr.

Hakan’s quick and brilliant transformation of my first version gave me a kick in the pants and made me want to up the ante. The final section will certainly generate plenty of discussion. To purchase as a download on Amazon, click the following icon: It’s scary how quickly and far ideas travel in cyberspace!: I’d purchased my own set of foot drums in early June ; about a year later I went into the studio and recorded the version of “Crossroads Blues” that sits at the top of this page.

Satan and furious the raging lower-register groove of Kick And Stompdepending on the mood of each song….

Gussow for attempting to get us out of our blues comfort zones, and for providing readers with well-researched concepts that invite us to do more than just listen crossroadsbles the music. It would be fair to say that I was scared by how quickly he was moving on the song! AG books Mister Satan’s Apprentice. Kick and Stomp showcases Gussow in an unexpected but logical setting: They spent years busking on a street corner in Harlem, eventually releasing two albums on the Flying Fish label and taking their music to stages throughout the world.

Adam Gussow – Beyond The Crossroads | Book Review

Details Add To Basket. Early attempts were made to counteract the fiddle, which could, in the right hands, whip people into a dancing frenzy. I’ve posted the original below, followed by a few of those videos. One month later he uploaded the following version. Readers will be compelled to revisit some classic tunes to hear the songs with fresh ears, ready to garner new meanings based on the many forms of the devil illuminated in this work.


To purchase a CD which Crossroadsbluues ship to you in real timeplease hit one of the following links. Those fruitful years serving as Mr. Kick and Stomp showcases his talents as a modern virtuoso, a player American Harmonica Newsletter praised for exhibiting the sort of “[t]echnical crissroadsblues and innovative brilliance that comes along…once in a generation.

Listeners are left to guess which form of the devil she is referring to — or perhaps the devil figure represents an over-riding sense of despair. Hakan has gone on to become one of the most creative and prolific blues harmonica video creators on YouTube.

If you know of any more, or if you’ve created such a video yourself, please contact me asgussow aol.

Here’s a live version from a solo concert I did in San Jose, California in The second is for all other customers Canada, Mexico, UK, Europe, and all other international addresses. Just me in the studio–and of course, hamming it up on location, as people do when they make music videos: University Of North Carolina Pr ess.

The early blues musicians had to be careful with the lyrics and imagery they used in songs so as not to offend any part of the white power structure in the rural South. Please follow and like us: Previous Post Previous Issue 51 December 21, Only a handful of players on the contemporary blues harp scene have developed an immediately recognizable voice on the instrument. Kick and Stomp MP3. It’s been a long time in coming! Liner notes included in the big zip file!

Kick and Stomp: a solo album by Adam Gussow

Ward and I shot in the Mississippi Delta. Can you hear what he’s done? But Hakan didn’t stop there.

The focus then shifted to the guitar players once that instrument began to gain prominence.