Harry Lorayne’s Official Magic Website ~ Buy books, e-books, dvds and products here!. Harry Lorayne’s newest book is called, “How to perform feats of Mathematical Wizardry”. I’ve finally managed to get my hands on a copy. Find great deals for Mathematical Wizardry by Harry Lorayne – Book. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Harry emailed me a couple of days ago. This chapter includes some feats that could also be used as loaryne feats. Scott Cram Inner circle Posts. The first routine is the recall of the day of the week for any date in the current year, which I’ve talked about numerous times on this blog.

Magic Tricks

While you could do all the phases without ever looking at the entered number, it comes across as more of a lightning calculation feat if you have them show it to you for a second or two. Or, if you like, email me personally at harrylorayne earthlink. Mar 18, Harry has collected this stuff since childhood, and culled out only the best of the best. I’ve read through the bokk. WordPress Theme by Paddsolutions. Check or postal money order Make check payable to: Among the puzzles and odds and ends in this chapter, you also learn how to square any two digit number mentally.

Anyway, something up with which we must put. Harry Lorayne’s newest book is called, ” How to perform feats of Mathematical Wizardry “. Apr 2, If you’ve ever used the 9 principle in an effect before, but never been quite sure about why exactly it works, the effects and the discussion of them to be of great value.


Or, at lectures, the eager and loud ones who applaud everything on the front row are often the very first to leave at the end; just when you might expect them to buy something, or at least shake your hand. The difference is – and I know because it always happened at my lectures – they want to talk with you, show interest or whatever, so asking questions, or asking nathematical your business card, or whatever, is their “in,” so to speak.

The sixth chapter is dedicated to classic routines of varying types. Shop with confidence thanks to our Price Matching Policy. We’re proud to have the strongest Shipping Guarantee in all of magic. Overall, Mathemarical would recommend this book to those who are looking for a great collection of mathematical routines in a single book.

Scott Your entry has inspired me to revisit the world of Harry Lorayne – I’m going to purchase this book. I’ve finally managed to get my hands on a mathenatical, so here’s the review I promised in my th post. They might be nice – even somewhat useful – but not a “must”.

Grey Matters: Blog: Review: Mathematical Wizardry

That’s a must have list, Thank you. There two major gems in this chapter are the “Additional Adding” routine, in which someone creates a random 6-digit number, and you instantly create a list of four 5-digit numbers that total that number, and the reprint of Alan Jackson’s “Diabolical Divisors” from Apocalypse. As to HL’s book, I really wiazrdry a wall that jumps up when somebody asks for a PayPal fee, how about a portion of the rent or maybe a piece wizadry the electric bill too?


I found one today that Mmathematical working on. Apr 3, While I can’t understand a mind as organized as yours, I sure can appreciate it’s results! One of mathematiccal criticisms of this book is that so much of the material has seen print before. Back a month or so ago J-Mac said that he’d gotten only about halfway through the book and was enjoying it so much. I think that inwardly I never really wanted to do it, so I’d state a very high price. Mar 6, Believe it or not, the very first effect the book is the ol’ trick.

Harry Lorayne – Mathematical Wizardry

That is, because they can speak with you personally, face to face. There are some great presentational hints for this effect here, that weren’t in the original Apocalypse write-up. My pace is slow. We’re proud to let you read our mail. Newer Post Older Post Home. I’ll be letting everyone know a little at a time.

The Other Wizradry Here you start by learning how to add consecutive numbers, and then you learn how to take this basic principle into numerous directions.

Even if you dont perform professionally this book has routines in it that you can use to entertain just about anyone, anywhere. The End by Rick.

The contents are divided into 7 chapters, each with a different theme.