The Haxe Standard Library provides common purpose tools without trying to . Introduction to the Haxe Toolkit. The Haxe Toolkit is a powerful open source. Building Haxe from source. Obtaining the source. The Haxe compiler sources .

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Editors and IDEs

Map type supporting enum value keys haxe. However, the git submodules are not included, so you will have to manually place the source code of submodules into appropreate sub-folders.

The Haxe programming language is a high level strictly typed programming language which is used by the Haxe compiler to produce cross-platform native code. For our exemplary usage we chose a very simple Haxe library called “random”. All libraries are free Every month, more than a thousand developers use Haxelib to find, share, and reuse code — and assemble it in powerful new ways. Work with HTTP requests and responses neko.

The dependencies can be easily installed by Homebrew. The Haxe Programming Language. Work with HTTP requests and responses php.

Feel free to contact us for any inquiry regarding Haxe usage. Tools for interacting with networks and running servers cpp. Contribute to this page.


That’s why we continued improving the documentation tool. Dodumentation unit-test framework haxe. Stack data structure which is optimized on static targets haxe. Introduction to the Haxe Language The Haxe programming language is a very modern, high-level programming language.

Read and modify directories; obtain information on files and directories sys. Lib Basic interactions with the Flash platform flash. The following examples demonstrate dovumentation you can tweak using the default theme settings: If you want to start hacking the Haxe compiler, it is better to clone manually and use the Makefile:. Enjoy Haxe; It is great! Shortcuts for alerteval and debugger js. Thread API, debugger, profiler etc.

The Haxe Compiler is very efficient and can compile thousands of classes in seconds. Byte operations on native representations haxe.

Dox 1.1 released, our documentation tool

Execute native commands; interact with stdin, stdout and stderr; various other native operations sys. The Haxe Foundation offers several support tiers to help with your organization’s technical challenges. Developers can publish native apps and games to every major platform without hassle.

With Haxeyou can easily build cross-platform tools targeting all the mainstream platforms natively. If you are looking for Support or technical partnership, the Haxe Foundation provides such services.


Responsive Support Get support directly from the Haxe team. We will learn more about the haxelib command in Using Haxelib.

Editors and IDEs – Haxe – The Cross-platform Toolkit

But we want a custom theme Yes, we wanted that too! The Haxe Foundation After years of open source development, the Haxe Foundation was created to fund long term Haxe development and provide support to companies using Haxe.

As such, the language easily adapts the native behaviours of the different platforms you have targeted yaxe your development project. The std directory itself contains a few top-level classes such as ArrayMap or String which can be used on all targets. As always, feel free to open a ticket on the GitHub for suggestions or bugs. Each Haxe target has a distinct sub-directory containing target-specific APIs.

The official haxe API documentation uses a custom theme too. Various extensions to String Type: