Students will engage in the learning process; Students will obtain basic understanding of Instructional Management theories and the three key. Systems Theory. Solution Kounin, Jacob S. () Discipline and Group Management in Classrooms. Holt having so that instruction continues moving. Jacob Kounin is known for two studies regarding classroom management in the ‘s. His book, Discipline and Group Management in Classrooms, outside of the group may be having so that instruction may continue.

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Before this happened, most educators viewed their role as a straight-forward passing on of skills and knowledge to their students. The 1 secret to teaching students classroom rules: When instructing one group, a teacher should be able to acknowledge difficulties that students outside of the group may be having so that instruction may continue.

Classroom Management Theorists and Theories/Jacob Kounin – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

If teachers are able to demonstrate appropriate teaching behaviours, maintain appropriate instructional momentum, work toward group focus and plan a learning environment that is conducive to learning. Ability to kpunin steady movement throughout a lesson. We are a non-profit group that run this website to share documents. This page was last edited on 28 Augustat Insttuctional best-known work was done in the s, where he conducted two major case studies.

Being able to keep on track without getting on tangents as well as being diverted by irrelevant questions or information is important.


When one student is about to throw a paper airplane or punch his friend in the shoulder, the teacher can make eye contact with him and shake his head. Momentum is the flow of a lesson. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The rules must be taught on a daily basis over a period of weeks or even months and then reinforced. The belief is that doing this will show other students that they will not get away with this either.

The teacher knows what is going to happen next but needs to be prepared for unexpected changes that could occur throughout instructiobal day. The teacher should make each center as kinestethic as possible with many manipulatives at each station i.

Smoothness is maintaining direction in the lesson and not being diverted by irrelevant incidents. Views Read Edit View history.

Download ppt “Jacob Kounin: Discipline and group management in classrooms. The first two terms he instrudtional, “With-it-ness” and “Overlapping,” can be used for preventing the misbehavior of other students. Retrieved January 21,from http: This takes a special ability to diffuse potentially distracting situations in which teachers need to bring students back to the task at hand.

Exploring the Theories of Instructional Management: Jacob Kounin by Casey Wun on Prezi

From educational psychologist to a well-known theorist today, Kounin brought a novel idea that incorporated both the instructional and disciplinary aspects of the classroom together. Overlapping is the process of attending to two or more events at the same time.


Does anyone know why Suzanne is absent today?

Jacob Kounin [Group Management]. For example, the teacher tells each member of group to do something individually that could be performed by the group as a whole.

A final approach that seemed very effective was implementing lesson plans with high participation formats.

Classroom Management Theorists and Theories/Jacob Kounin

He asserts that momentum and smoothness are key to keeping students engaged and on task. An effective lesson with proper momentum will continuously move in a forward direction and be free of dead spots.

The teacher can have students make hand gestures, that will tell the teacher whether the student has a comment or question concerning the lesson. Transitioning from one activity to another without disruptions. The teacher can have a canister managemsnt popsicle sticks that have each students name on them.

This can also look like asking random questions, or asking a student a question and then looking around at other students to see if they are thinking or ready to respond.

Making sure she is reminded about what is expected my help her not to become distracted so easily. In other languages Add links. We need your help to maintenance this website.