This is work in progress (before its proper Beta). We hope to upgrade this into a powerful resource for the benefit of heritage internationally. The database will. Bogotá, D.C., Colombia: Instituto Colombiano de Antropología e Historia (ICANH ), Grupo de Arqueología y Patrimonio: Secretaría de Cultura de Cundimarca. En este se muestra un estado del arte de la investigación en arte rupestre en Colombia entre y .. Manual de arte rupestre de Cundinamarca.

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Archaeology of rock art: In Colombia, almost all attempts to explain rock art have been made without a solid chronological basis.

Malikai, el canto del malirri. Archaeological excavations at El Colegio Fig. History of L atin American mqnual. We intend to give a brief introduction showing the dynamic that manuaal art research has acquired during the last few years in Colombia.

Concerns about the preservation of rock art have been a growing field of interest in recent years. Calizas y Agregados Boyaca S. Over such a long period of time diverse groups with political, economic and cultural differences settled here in succession.

Some of the Colombian rock art sites documented in the last few years.

On the other hand, the growing visibility of rock art has led some of these embryonic groups to include it in projects of cultural and ecological tourism.


The Archaeology of Rock-Art. Manual de arte rupestre en Cundinamarca. Fondo de Autores Huilenses: Petroglifos en el paisaje o paisaje en los petroglifos. Performance of different kinds of activities around rock art sites brings up a diverse set of problems that can be summarised in one question: As a consequence, an increasing number of activities are taking place around rock art murals.

This date is based majual the presence of remains of pigments and fragments of rocks with paintings detached from rock-shelters and stratigraphically associated with charcoal and other archaeological artifacts.

Ludy Hurtado

This is not afte place to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the quality or validity of cujdinamarca postulates outlined in the cited studies. An important component of these struggles consists of memory recovery and the construction of historical narratives, most of them strongly related to prehispanic material such as rock art e.

Schoolchildren participating in a rock art workshop. To determine what an archaeological perspective in rock art research implies is a difficult task because of the plurality and diversity of archaeological approaches e. Differential distribution of rock paintings produced by taphonomic processes, Sutatausa Cundinamarca.

Manual de arte rupestre de Cundinamarca (Colombia)

Monumentos rupestres de Colombia Cuaderno primero: Unless we decide to opt for the uncritical application of universal theories, we have to accept the necessity of building a solid basis for the comprehension of rock art, part of which is the uncertain chronology. Therefore, documentation projects should be accompanied by an educational campaign in order to avoid that new sites could be vandalized.


Mannual study on South American and Antillean petroglyps.

Floridablanca Santander4. Pinturas rupestres en palermo, huila.

However, this might turn into a double-edged weapon, because it could allow rock art to be protected by an informed community while exposing it to perils related to poorly informed tourists. This legal framework, developed during the last decade, has made possible some progress in the conservation of archaeological material, although a convincing State policy is still necessary.

Two examples illustrate this point. Franklin y Matthias Strecker.

Calaméo – Ludy Hurtado

Although archaeological excavations close to rocks with paintings and petroglyphs are at present limited in number, they have demonstrated the diversity of contexts in which rock art was involved.

Mural rupestre en Tenjo.

In fact, recent inspections in the Archaeological Park of Facatativa have verified the existence of debris from ceremonial activities performed by different groups Fig. San Juan de Pasto. It has been traditionally considered that the site is just the rock rupeshre paintings or petroglyphs; but now it is necessary to accept that the archaeological deposits around these rocks are part of it as well.

Universidad Central de las Villas: